Great Economy ? NOT!!!!: Maybe for the born-into spoiled brats!
Conspiracy ? NOT!!!: How to know what's REALLY going on in your town!
Conservatives ? NOT!!!: Sheltered spoiled brats don't know real world.
Liberals ? NOT!!!: Also spoiled plus degenerate!!!
The women of MY generation:
Fun Stats , Nasty data, sports etc.: Strange stats and discoveries
Nazis ? Klan ?: Just poor whites. No threat. REAL histories. (I was a poor white, what it's like economically)
Nolan Ryan ??? NOT !!!: A circus act for those who don't understand the game.
Quotas AGAINST whites of continental European Heritage!: Bigotry against whites who are not WASPs or Jews!
Wasp/Jew Hegemony wants to rule world: White Ethnics ARISE!
Wasp/Jew Hegemony timeline:
Atheist Astrophysicist supports "Intelligent design"people: Hoist the secular humanists on their own petard!

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NEW STUFF and Corrected Ivy League FEB 18, 1999

UNDER CONSTANT CONSTRUCTION. .LINK AROUND WEB. INCLUDE MESSAGE BOARDS.. FRiday 2-18-99...Thursday 12-17-98... OOOOPPS SOME WORDS WERE DELETED. Check "Ivy League".. ELDER ABUSE IS OFTEN JUSTICE..... WHY POLISH JOKES?.....CHILD ABUSE OF HIGH IQ KIDS ..... TO HELL WITH THE HANDICAPPED (article)...... Dentists are still 19th century butchers.. ..... ORGAN DONATIONS? NOT! NEVER! ... .... .... ...R.I.P. Science Fiction 1870s - ~1964...... ....How Blacks can get quotas easily...... ....Ivy League?..... .....Habitat for Humanity destroys neighborhoods... ........ .......SERBIA, THE TRUTH ..... ....MENSA LOSERS. ..... ..... COCA COLA MONOPOLY..... ..... BIG MAC?..... ..... NIXON AND CLINTON...... MORE TOPICS BELOW, THIS SECTION WONT ACCEPT MORE, 11-16-98 monday MORE TOPICS BELOW ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ...... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ...... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .. ..... ..... ... ..... >>>>>>>>>> .DENTISTS ARE 19th CENTURY BUTCHERS. <<<<<<<<<< ..... ....: .... ...... ...... .. ..... :::: Back in 1830 both physicians and dentists were about equally unadvanced. If you went to one you knew you would be in for a terrible time. Neither knocked you out. You had to be awake and in pain all through it. You also had to do things on cue. You couldn't just lie there. But eventually physicians moved on. They discovered Ether and other things..Notice that whatever fear people have nowadays of going to a Physician its not a fear of pain. You might fear an operation not saving you but not the pain of the operation. You know that no matter what extreme thing they are going to do with your body and no matter how long you are being cut up you will not know it at all. You will simply fall asleep and wake up when its over. No physician nowadays or for generations will expect you to be awake,and feel any pain while its being done to you. Yet look at dentists. They still expect you to be awake through the whole terrible process. and you know you will feel pain. And you know you will be very uncomfortable. And you know youll be trying not to gag, or choke while trying to swallow. And you know you will be afraid. And you know you will be expected to perform on cue. And you know you will be talked down at while you cant speak back. AND THEY'RE WORKING INSIDE YOUR FACE FOR GOD'S SAKE. It would be bad enough if you had to go through such horrors if it was your leg they were working on. But your FACE???.. Future historians will be as horrified by wht dentists still do in 1998 as we are by what surgeons did in 1798. Well, maybe not. Maybe in 2098 the damn dentists will STILL be doing what they did in 1798 and 1998. And dentists add insult to injury. If you have a broken clock you go to the repairman, give him money, and he fixes your clock. And that's IT! Period!. Not so with these damned patronizing, condescending dentists! They have the GALL to treat their customers like children rather than adults. They nervily lecture you on taking better care of your teeth. THAT IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!! Why should we, the custimers, answer to them?? They're our teeth and not theirs! If those same dentists brought in a broken clock to the fixer and the fixer lectured them about taking better care of it in the future, they'd get angry. The dentists would say," It's MY clock and it is none of your damn business how I treat it. Your business is to decide whether or not you want to exchange your fix-it ability for my money even-up. If you choose to make the exchange you take my clock and my money , fix my clock and give it back- without any speeches.". This is 1998, not 1823. Somebody better tell the dentists. Not only are they still barbarians (its a wonder they don't use leeches) but they act like they are the Land Squire patting his peasants on their heads. 10-7-98..... ....... UNDER CONSTRUCTION 10-1-98... 10-5._____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______ _____ >>>>>>>>>> ..R.I.P. SCIENCE FICTION 1870s-~1964::: <<<<<<<<<< ______ _____ ______ ______ ______ _____ ..: Whatever happened to the SCIENCE in science-fiction?? What happened to all the people who LOVED SCIENCE and only learned to write IN ORDER TO write about SCIENCE?? I grew up during the tail-end of that era. As kids many of us wanted chemistry sets, microscopes, telescope, erector sets, girder and panel building sets, etc. A few companies even sold science-set subscriptions where kids would get a package a month having a kit to build along with a booklet telling about an aspect of SCIENCE. Even if most sci-fi writers were not scientists they loved it enough to keep up with all the news of the latest scientific discoveries and theories. Their stories were then based upon extrapolating these theories and explaining them to the reader. True sci-fi 1) was written by someone who loved science, 2) was written by someone who kept up with the latest advancements in science and enjoyed studying up on them 3) taught what the write learned to the reader 4) was written as a mystery in which the reader, using the scientific info the writer just gave him could try to figure out a puzzle, 5) showed a solution in the end derived from an interpretation or extrapolation of the scientific info given. For example, one writer did his story on the first man sent to another star at near-light speed. He wake up and can't seem to move. Much later, his body seemed to move all by itself. The story was based upon explaining the Theory of Relativity and how everything actually happens during acceleration and deceleration, which is something most writers fear to touch. It explains how the traveler's mass and length change and that the reason for his strange situation is that his body was elongated but the nerve impulses were still moving within him at near-light speed. So when his brain sent a command for his legs to move it took a long time for the impulses to get from brain to leg. It also discusses 'which' time it is. Now compare that with this TRASH we have today posing as sci-fi from morons who neither love nor understnd science! Its all "Kings and Queens in space". They just creat socialist or feudalist Utopias or Dystopias in on other planets with NO "science" being used or explained at all I saw this happening in the early 1960s but it seemed to reach its nadir when "Dune" became number one. Sci fi? Where was the sci? Just White Arabs in space with a feudalist/fascist government and big worms. It was fantasy, not sci-fi. And then there were the Riverworld series. Interesting, but no real SCIENCE. Saying that scientists invented a such-and -such does not make it sci-fi. REAL SCIENCE FICTION TEACHES A SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLE . .... Many kids growing up were fascinated with SCIENCE. Many had subscriptions to Science Digest as we were fascinated by the latest discoveries and the future they might lead to. Our favorite of the rotating four segments of TVs "Disneyland" was "Tomorrowland". A number of generations in a row grew up with that fascination with SCIENCE which probably peaked once during the 1930s (pulp mags) and again after Sputnik in late 1957. SCIENCE fiction was written by men who as kids LOVED SCIENCE. Each story was like a whodunnit. Some new aspect of SCIENCE was turned into a story by being extrapolated into being what it might mean a century in the future. ONE HAD TO KNOW SOME SCIENCE TO UNDERSTAND SCI-FI and each story taught you something more you didnt think about. In the stories a scientific puzzle was presented and more science solved it. The reader had to guess the answer before the end.BOTH WRITER AND READER HAD TO KNOW THEIR SCIENCE IN THOSE DAYS!! But not since about 1963. As with everything else, sci-fi has been horribly DUMBED-DOWN to near nothing. It's now written by MORONS who never loved science and never understood it. For decades 'science fiction' has had nothing to do with science. Its been all SOCIOLOGY-FICTION instead. Kings and Queens in space. Social experiments in space. All they do now is put their characters on other planets and SCIENCE is never mentioned. This was going on all through the early and mid 60s but it reached its trough when "Dune" appeared. All it was was the North African desert as a planet with some fascists and Kings and big worms. How much scientific knowledge did it take to write that??? Now don't get me wrong. As a book Dune is well written. And so was The Hobbit. But neither is SCIENCE FICTION as there's no science.. Perhaps "SPACE FANTASY" would be a better term. oct 19 . ..10-14 wed... ..... .... 10-5 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 10-1-98._____ ______ _____ __________ ______ _____ _____.>>>>>>>>>>..HOW BLACKS CAN GET QUOTAS EASILY... <<<<<<<<<< _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______ ::: Blacks are cutting their own throats by constantly thinking of themselves as a "racial group" and never as ALSO an "ethnic group". In either case they are the same percentage (12%?) but in the former they will always be alone while in the latter they'll have ALLIES and can reach over 50%. When Blacks want quotas based upon race they find most of the whites against them. THIS IS BECAUSE THE POORER WHITE ETHNIC GROUPS ARE HURTING AS IT IS. With RACIAL quotas the richer whites will push them down even more. It is NOT "whites" who have the money and power in America, It's the wasps, jews, scots, germanics. Probably in that order. NORTHWEST Europeans are the monied ones. East Europeans are the poor ones. Southern Europeans are in the middle....Let's asy 80% of America is "white' so we allot 80% of everything to "whites". What would happen? It would mean that 79% went to the Minority of "whites" (wasps, jews, scots, germanics) and 1% to the vast majority of whites (East Europeans and South Europeans). BUT if we had quotas based upon ETHNIC GROUPS rather than RACIAL GROUPS, Black people would STILL get their 12% (or whatever it is) but the poor-white ethnic-groups would ALSO get in proportion to their numbers. A book about the underside of America stated that Polish-Americans were 90% below the poverty line in 1910 and also 90% below in 1990 (they probably rose and fell with the coal and steel industry). Now according to the 1990 census both Poles and jews are 2% of the American population. You don't think the Poles would like to have the same income as the Jews? ...If Jesse Jackson or Alvin Poissant nationally called for ETHNIC quotas and put out their hands to Poles, Russians, Lithuanians, "Bohunks" (Bohemians,Slovaks, Hungarians), Czechs, Rumanians, Bulgarians, Ukrainians, And whoever the other poor groups are (Basques? Portuguese? ) they would be allying themselves with enough whites to make up way, way over 50% of the white population in America...Why black people keep demanding a 12% based on race that they wont get rather than a 12% based upon ethnicity that they would get is beyond me. Dont get me wrong. I am not a supporter of "diversity and multiculturalism". I grew up in a Brooklyn divided into ethnic neighborhoods. But I saw those neighborhoods fall further into poverty while the DOMINANT white ethnic groups got RICHER since Reagan. I invite all black people to look at the following list and see if they can honestly tell themselves that ALL white people are doing equally okay: portuguese, spanish,basques, french, english, welsh, scots, irish, italian, dutch, danish, swedish, norwegian, finnish, german, jewish, austrian, hungarian, albanian, rumanian, bulgarian, polish, czech, slovak, ukrainian, russian, lithuanian, latvian, estonian, croatina, serbian, macedonian, bosnian, "belgian'(flemings and walloons), swiss (french, german, and italian).. Ill bet that even Blacks can list the pecking order within the white race.. I read some articles after the 1990 census which actually did list the pecking order but have forgotten it. But Ill bet its something like English, Jewish, Scottish, German, Austrian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian on top and the East Europeans on the bottom...... ..... 10-7-98 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 10-1-98.. _____ _____ _____ ______ ______ ______ _____ ______ ______ _____ >>>>>>>>>> .IVY LEAGUE?:: <<<<<<<<<< :. _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ .: Everyone takes it as gospel that the Ivy League schools are so great. Says who? How are these ratings made? By a quick opinion on the phone? By passing on what one hears from others? Are they based upon objective facts and logic? Or are they just off-the-cuff votes perpetuating hearsay? The only mechanism Ive heard of consists of contacting people and "asking" themtheir opinions. Naturally, they would give a kneejerk answer of the famous schools they know so the rankings are self-perpetuating. But think of it. WHO DO YOU HEAR OF WHO GOES TO IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS? Spoiled lazy sons of rich men who don't have to study hard to get ahead because they had it all at birth and know theyll inherit more? Children of rich, famous politicians? Every teenage movie star? Do you really think that Brooke Shields, Chelsea Clinton, the wild Kennedy boys, and all those models-turned-movie-stars, both male and female, are secret BRAINIACS who are smarter than the math, physics, and chemistry grads of any large state university? I worked for NASA for years. I never saw any difference between a physicist with a degree from an Ivy League college and one with a degree from any other. If anything, those guys were a bit shy and embarrassed because they knew that people expected them to be something special due to their degree and they weren't.. The three best school in America IN MUSIC are Indiana, Juilliard, and a third one thats not ivy league. The best school for an Astrophysics PhD has always been Arizona. The best for a Nuclear Physics degree has always been U. Chicago. An Im sure lots of grads know how great their schools departments are. Only the people within a field know which is best. What is prestigious to the ignorant general public is not whats prestigious within your own field. Probably the closest thing to an objective selection would be to work backwards. What were the greatest discoveries in you field? Who did them? Where did he get his degree? See if there's a trend. I think the prestige of the Ivy League does not come from its ability to CREATE great people but its ability to STEAL them after some other school creates them. Say someone at Podunk U. wins the Nobel Prize. He will then get an offer to jump his school and go to Ivy. Say a real brain puts out a great PhD dissertation. He gets a high-pay offer from Ivy. Then their names are linked with the Ivy school and those schools get the credit. BUT it's who TRAINED them, not who got them afterwards. The most obvious example of this was ALBERT EINSTEIN. Everyone knows that Einstein worked for Princeton when he was old, his name is always connected with it. BUT WHO TRAINED HIM??? WHO TAUGHT EINSTEIN PHYSICS??? WHAT COLLEGE DID HE ACTUALLY GO TO??? Do you see what I mean?? NEWS: Three NOBEL Prize winners announced in Medicine. One from SUNY- Brooklyn, one from U.Texas and one from UCLA. But who did the BIASED network news all use as "experts" to explain their work? Why, people from Ivy League schools and Stanford of course. (Ever notice how often they bring in so-called "experts" on the 6:30 news? They love that word. Who made them "experts"?..NEWS: Oct 13. Nobel Prize winner in Physics from U.Chicago. But they should still tell us where they LEARNED their fields!!!! That's what counts most!.. Just now I read about three more guys sharing the prize: one from Columbia, one from Stanford, one from Princeton. But the only guy whose actual degrees were mentioned got all his in Germany.. 11-16 I was just looking at an old 1968 Reader's Digest Almanac (Hmmm: This refuses to accept any more of this insertion. Is there a limit? Continued elsewhere)11-16-98..... ..10-13 Tues... .10-9 fri ... 10-5 ....UNDER CONSTRUCTION 10-1-98. _____ _____ ____ ____ _____ _____ _____ ____ >>>>>>>>>> .HABITAT for HUMANITY- Destroyer of neighborhoods.. <<<<<<<<<< _____ ____ _____ _____ _____ _____ . ::: I had always bought the media propaganda about what a wonderful thing H for H was until it showed up here. The northeast corner of town was one of the few working class areas that was still safe at night. Next to the main softball fields was a lot which never had anything built on it. Homes were all around it and the decent people who lived in them feared what might be constructed there. The man who owned it lived in the house across the street. He did not want anything disruptive built there as he lived close by. So he wanted to put up a storage place for people to store their possession. But the city wouldn't let him. They insisted he built low-income apartments!! He was old and sick with cancer and did NOT want the troubles of being a landlord- especially for low-income apartments. And he wanted to bring noone into his neighborhood that would disrupt it. So he fought the brainless liberal types who were trying to push their schemes on him. (Of course, they all lived in nice safe neighborhoods where they didnt have to deal with the results of their own utopias.) So he built nothing rather that build something he knew would be bad for him and his neighbors. Eventually he died. The city wound up with the property and Habitat came in and built them. Now the people living in them ruined the neighborhood and drove out the decent people who were replaced by more bad ones and so on. On my end of town H for H has been working on the same few ticky-tack bldgs for a couple of years. During that time how many new poor people have appeared? (Either thru birth or downsizing). And I DREAD the day they move jerks into those buildings as its the last semi-safe way for me to walk to and from town at night. Habitat for Humanity is a block-busting, neighborhood-destroying group._____ _____ _____ _____ ______ _____ _____ _____ . >>>>>>>>>> .BIG MAC?.. <<<<<<<<<< _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ____ Every five years McDonald's tells us it's another anniversary of their inventing the Big Mac.. Balderdash! I ate at a McDonald's out on Long Island back in the early 1960s before they went national. I then went to Indiana in August 1967. The Frishes Big Boys had that sandwich long before I got out there. McDonald's simply copied it. They had no such sandwich in 1967 and it had already been all over the Midwest. Incidentally, on their commercials they always use the term "groovy". That was not a 1968 Hippie term. It was a 1965-67 "Mod" term.. They also say, "cool", we actually said, "That's cool", never just the one word. _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______ >>>>>>>>>> .MENSA LOSERS: <<<<<<<<<< :: _____ ______ ______ ______ ______ (Note: This is an attack ONLY on the high IQ people who think an Undeveloped Unearned high IQ makes one better than others. I do NOT support the forcible development of IQs______ ..... In his autobio that came out right about when he died, Isaac Asimov took a swipe at the Mensa people he kept meeting through the years because he said, they were always whining as if someone owed them something just because they were born with high IQs. he was correct. They actually think they're owed something because they received an unearned attribute. My guess is that its really because they were a bunch of nerds and never faced it and corrected it. And all the ones I ever met were also born-into-the middle-class white-spoiled-brats as well. During the ten years I was in Astrophysics we used to laugh at them for being such losers. Mensa was considered an AMATEUR group. REAL "smart" people belonged to, say, the Astrophysical Union, not Mensa. Mensa was considered to bee like a club for seven foot black guys who couldnt play basketball. Or as one guy in our NASA Space Science Building said, "If theyre so smart, why arent they HERE?"..The truth is that if you have a 150 IQ AND BRAG ABOUT IT and youre NOT a Rocket Scientist you should be ashamed of yourself..Because it should take you no more effort than it does for a 100 IQ person to learn HIS job.. ..NOTE: In 1997 some Physicist who learned his Physics from a small college in South Central Pa. (I forget which) won the Nobel Prize in Physics _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ____ _____ _____ ____ >>>>>>>>>> . COCA COLA MONOPOLY. . <<<<<<<<<< ____ _____ ____ _____ ______ ______ ..Like most Americans, I like burgers most of all. How come I'm never allowed to have a PEPSI with my burger? At McDonald's, Burger King, Hardees, Wendys, all I can ever get are Cokes. Why must I give up burgers to get something else? I used to stop on the way to the fast food places and get a Pepsi out of a machine to bring with me but now that machine, which has been on that corner since at least 1964, has now been replaced by a COKE machine!!!.._____ ______ _____ _____ _____ ______ _____ _____ ____ . >>>>>>>>>>. SERBIA!. ..<<<<<<<<<< ._____ ______ _____ _____ _____ _____ In 1453 Constantinople fell to the Moslems and their armies move north into Slavic lands. For the next two hundred years they invaded East Europe. As with most armies they murdered and enslaved their way up. The very word SLAVE comes from the word SLAV because of all the Slavs the Moslems turned into Slaves. (When Columbus visited Venice in 1489 he saw Slav slaves being sold in the market place. The moslem invasion was finally stopped at the gates of Vienna by the Polish king Sobieski. But during that time there were Slavs who TURNED TRAITOR, changed from Christianity to Islam, and helped the Moslems kill and enslave their fellow Slavs!! These traitor-Slavs were the Bosnian Muslims. Americans dont know this but East Europeans sure do. And although Albanians werent slavs they fought with the Moslems against the Slavs.And they also switched from Christianity to Islam. The Bosnian Muslims are the Uncle Toms, Tio Tacos, Kapos, of the slavic people. As for this war:1) It was started when Bosnia seceded from Yugoslavia, declared an Islamic state, and tried to forcibly include the Serbian land across the river from the Serbian capital. They tried to force Islamic rules upon Serbian Christians. 2) Kosovo: This is and has always been a Serbia province. The Albanians are illegal aliens and invaders from over the border in Albania who were also imposing Islam on Christian territory.. Why should Serbia give up its land just because Americans are ignorant of Slavic history? As for NATO having to keep itself "respected' by getting involved: Yugoslavia was never a member of NATO and NATOs purpose was to DEFEND its own members, not stick its nose all over the world. _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ____ ____ _____ >>>>>>> NIXON AND CLINTON.<<<<<<< _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ .. Because of Nixon's actions in the 1940s (He exposed an ultra liberal as being one), the liberal media hated his guts and devoted themselves to destroying him. Even though 40% to 60% of Americans supported him. Liberals love to think theyre smarter than the rest of us even though they are usually too stupid to do well in Physics, Math, or Chemistry courses, are usually sheltered spoiled brats like the Conservatives, and are extrememly suseptible to goofy fads, silly philosophies, and demagogues. They went hysterical when the American people chse him in a landslide in 1972 and were determined to overturn the election by any means necessary.(like their heroes, the Bolsheviks). WATERGATE gave them their chance. The liberals did not care that they PARALYZED him during 1)THE VIETNAM WAR, 2)THE ARAB ISRAELI WAR, 3)THE OIL CRISIS ECONOMIC COLLAPSE 4) THE NEAR NUCLEAR WAR DUE TO THE MIDEAST WAR 5) THE RUNAWAY INFLATION OF 1973-4. NO, they were determined to bring him down even if the nation and the world were destroyed. They were led by the Washington Post ultra-liberals who had attacked him for years. The editor was a man with NO journalistic integrity whatsoever and who believed his newspaper could lie as much as it wanted for "the greater good". (WHEN ON CHARLIE ROSE, HARDLY A CONSERVATIVE, MR.ROSE ACTUALLY STUTTERED IN SHOCK WHEN THE EDITOR SAID NIXON HAD 'NO' REDEEMING QUALITIES AND ACCOMPLISHED 'NOTHING' GOOD WHATSOEVER (Not even opening Red China which liberals loved so much?). Naturally when this media monster retired the Post staff shouted his "integrity". Of course, its spoiled brat Liberals have NO idea what morality and ethics are, so this is no surprise. ..Now of course the same liberals are defending Clinton. They complain about the money spent to get Clinton (they supported unlimited funds to get Nixon), they complain about the open-ended inquiry (which they supported against Nixon), they complain about Clinton being 'paralyzed' (they paralyzed Nixon in much more dangerous times).....And what ever happened to BILL MAHER? I used to love his show as he had different topics every day and he attacked both sides. BUT FOR WEEKS NOW he has devoted each and every show to defending Clinton!. he is on his kness before Clinton far more than Lewinski ever was. The man is TOTALLY DISGRACING HIMSELF with his complete hero-worship of another man.._____ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ _____ _____ >>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>> ORGAN DONATIONS? NOT!!!! <<<<< <<<<< <<<<< <<<<< _____ _____ ______ _____ _____ _____ Every day people are dying because of the stupid system of "organ donations" which will NEVER work and will continue to KILL more people because it's based upon Communist principles ("From each according to his ability, to each according to his need". It didnt work for the USSR and it has not worked for sick people. What you have established here is a pot where people can donate at will and take out at will. The result is what one would expect: noone want to put in but everyone hopes something will be there when they want to take out. Yet DESPITE ALL THE DEATHS IT HAS CAUSED these idiots stubbornly keep beating their heads against the wall. THEY SHOULD HAVE LET MICKEY MANTLE AND THAT "GENIE ACTOR" LARRY HAGMAN DIE AS IT WOULD HAVE SAVED THE LIVES OF THOUSANDS OF OTHERS. Note that neither of them had been carrying an organ donation card. Like most people they planned to take without giving. They should make the rule that ONE'S PLACE ON THE LIST IS DETERMINED NOT BY NEED BUT BY WHEN ONE SIGNED AN ORGAN DONATION CARD. That and only that will cure the problem. Let's say that I sign a card today on Monday, October 19, 1998. That should mean that for the rest of my life my place on the list will be determined by that date. THAT WILL GIVE THE MESSAGE THAT THE QUICKER YOU SIGN THE CARD THE BETTER YOUR CHANCE FOR AN ORGAN WHEN YOU NEED ONE. And you should ONLY be allowed to TAKE the organs that you were willing to GIVE. Now let's say that in the year 2018 I need an organ. Well, I should be in line IN FRONT OF anyone who hasnt signed up at all as well as ahead of anyone who has signed up AFTER Oct. 19, 1998. The way the system is now there is NO incentive for people to carry organ donation cards as you can "depend" on others to do it and to come through for you when you had no intention of coming through for them. Incidentally, was I the only one who caught the hypocrisy of Hagman being so viciously anti-tobacco while he was secretly such a drunkard. He had no understanding (or compassion)of others addictions while having one of his own. Note: I have NEVER smoked a cigarette. Life-long non-smoker. ...... .... 10-19 monday. ( 10-14 wed...... 10-14-98 .....10-5-98..... 10-2-98 ....11-15-98 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______ ____ >>>>>>>>> TO HELL WITH THE HANDICAPPED <<<<<<<<< _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ . FIRST, we had to put up with drinking fountains down at our knees. No fun when you are 50 and have to bend that far over or get on your knees on the floor or stay thirsty. (pain or humiliation or thirst)., THEN we had to put up with urinals down so far that the messy water splattered all over our lower trousers. THEN we had to put up with toilets so low our knees were in our chins...THEn we had to put up with all new one-person public restrooms being huge to support wheelchairs turning around.Result: the mens and ladies rooms have now been combined into one disgusting 'unisex' toilet (At our library its disgusting to see old derelicts waiting outside the unisex bathroom for a little girl to come out. Libraries attract street people. THEN a trillion dollars is being spent to put a ramp on every corner in America. They're really dangerous in the icy winter. .. NOW in this town this handicapped crap has brought us TOTALLY POLITICALLY CORRECT BUSES. The front 2/3 have been gutted of most seats to make room for a fleet of wheelchairs, althiugh I have never seen more than one (and they have vans here for them but theyd rather inconvenience us). The few seats left in the front 3/4 are all reserved for the elderly and walking handicapped. The only unreserved seats left are in the back but, as any city person knows, thats where the inner city thugs and gangstas sit. SO when you get on these damned busses (that brag that they are environmentally correct, as if downsized workers care) you see a wheelchair up front, lots of wasted space where there used to be seats, old people and women in the middle, and black gangstas in the rear. And all the white males are standing! And the driver tries to force them to move back amongst the black thugs. But one more step is needed, they need a reserved section for homosexuals which they could take from the white females. NOTE: People who design buses dont ride buses. Neither do mayors who decide on buses nor do the people who run city bus companies. Such people KNOW NOTHING about what they have power over.... 11-15-98 .... ..Not checked for typos ... 10-5-98.. ..10-8 thurs... MORE TOPICS BELOW 11-16-98

SECTION THREE REFUSED TO TAKE ANY MORE TYPING SO THINGS HAVE TO BE CONTINUED HERE:....TOPICS: ..... ...... ...... MORE "IVY LEAGUE" CONTINUED.... ... .... .... .... YOUR FILM IS NOT "LOST" (Heck, Im the guy who developed them)... ... .... ....SPUTNIK SCREWED UP AMERICAN SCIENTISTS..... ..... .... ..... NASTY POLITCAL ADS ARE IMPORTANT .... .... ... .... .... ..... 11-16-98...MORE IVY LEAGUE::: I was just looking at an old 1968 Almanac (Readers Digest 1968 p 886) and there was a chart bragging about how many Nobel Laurates did their DOCTORAL research at the following schools: Harvard, Berkeley, Columbia, Chicago (now theres a REAL smart school), Cal Tech (now theres another one), Stanford, Princeton, Washington, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Rockefeller, and others (So where is MIT, another REAL smart school??? Methinks Nobels are like Pulitzers: phonily politically-correct). Doctoral??? HELLO???!!! I took courses in ASTROPHYSICS for TEN YEARS. It is your UNDERGRAD SCHOOL that teaches you your subject!!! Grad school is a piece of cake in comparison. Lots of Noblesse Oblige!!!Physics is a BEAR for undergrad majors. Its the winnowing out period from age 17-21. Grad school, even in Astrophysics, is MUCH easier. There were hundreds in our 100 level courses. Fifty in our A201. 25 in our A202. And only 3 of us in the end. Grad school was, in comparison, PUD!!!...... Now here is something interesting I found. "Earned Degrees Conferred 1976-77, National Center for Educational Statistics::: :: Astronomy/Astrophysics: 152,,, Physics: 4,785,,, Geology/Geophysics: 4,995,,, Computer Science,: 6,407,,, Chemistry: 8,665,,, Architecture: 9,222,,, Foreign Languages,: 13,944,,,, Mathematics: 14,196,,, Home Economics: 17,439,,, Agriculture: 21,467,,, Communications: 23,214,,, Arts: 41,793,,, Letters: 47,071,,, Engineering: 49,283,,, Biology: 53,605,,, Health Professions: 57,388,,, Social Sciences: 117,376,,, Education: 143,658,,, Business: 152,088,,, Now here is MY BIASED opinion on the ranking of degrees. I recall how the phrase "changing ones major" really meant dropping down to an easier one.:: Astronomy/Astrophysics,,, Physics,,, Math,,, Chemistry,,, Engineering,,, Geology/Geophysics,,, Pre-Med,,, Music,,, Computer Science,,, Architecture,,, Biology,,, English,,, Pre-Law,,, Business,,, Communications,,, Agriculture,,, Psychology,,, Art,,, Sociology,,, Education,,, Folklore,,, 11-16-98 monday.. _____ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ _______ ______ ______ ______ ...> >>>>>> >>>>>> YOUR FILM IS NOT "LOST <<<< <<<< <<<< _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ____ .. I brought in a roll of slide film. They sent it out. where it was 'lost'. Then a year later I brought another one in. That one was 'lost' as well. The state consumer advocate of the Attorney General's office did nothing. (Whenever a store screws you over you should always write to 'Consumer Advocate', State Attorney Generals Office, State capitol , (state capital city, your state, dont need zip if dont put return address on outside of envelope). But he was on their side in just offering me a replacement roll. I refused to take it. I wont let them close the case. They were both irreplaceable vacation photo sets. THIS HAPPENS DOZENS OF TIMES A MONTH IN AMERICA AND THEY ARE NOT "LOST" !!!. I know because I used to be one of the developers at those places. When your film gets separated from the envelope it came inside of they dont bother with it any more. Its all mass production. rush. Rush. The photos are simply thrown into a blank envelope and thrown into a file cabinet with zillions of other so called 'lost' films. They sit for years until people give up crying for them and then they are thrown away. So there goes the last photos of your relative or the only photos of your vacation. they dont give a damn. AND WHAT GETS ME IS THAT they now have these sheets of litte photos one can get in order to pick out reprints. All the shots in miniature on one sheet. Yet they WONT use this new technology to find peoples photos because they just dont care. Its easier to stab you in the back and just offer 'replacement film'. And the so-called consumer advocate is on their side, not yours, unless you can find one who the 'loss' had once happened to. What you can do: get on you local legislators to do something about it. Its a form of THEFT. Give them the info I just gave you BEFORE YOU LOSE SOMETHING IMPORTANT. The legislators addresses are all in your phonebook. Make one letter and xerox it for all. Find consumer groups on the web/net. 11-16-98.._____ _____ _____ ______ ______ _____ _____ ______ _____ >>>>>> >>>>> SCIENCE & ENGINEERING SINCE SPUTNIK <<<<< <<<<< ______ ______ _____ _______ _____ ..... In late 1957 Sputnik went up. The federal govt and media complained that America didnt have enough people going into science & engineering. There was then great pressure on Americas most studious minors to go into either Space or Nuclear professions. And the National Defense Education Act was passed. These caused the best students to be DIVERTED from the fields they would have gone into towards Nuclear and Space. But it still takes many years to create a scientist. And even Elementary School students were SWERVED in that direction. ESPECIALLY Elementary School. So they were pushed and pushed to be little science brains in 1958, 59,60,61,62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68. But in 1969 man landed on the moon, the public interest waned and liberals became very anti-nuclear. The govt started slightly cutting back on Space and Nukes in 1967 but in 1969, with the landing, interest and govt aid really went down. But Americas most studious were now in COLLEGE after working so many years towards Space/Nukes. And majoring in extremely difficult fields that were very ESOTERIC and virtually worthless in the real world. AMERICA'S MOST STUDIOUS WERE STABBED IN THE BACK!! They gave up their original fields and gave up their childhoods to study, study, study. But in the early 1970s we had all these people with bachelors degrees in Astro and Nukes that had been promised great careers and now were unemployable. The loans started to come out so they, unable to find jobs, took them to go to grad school to hide. This country shifted its most studious of the 50s way out on a limb in the 60s and left them there in the 70s. Some were able to get jobs in Engineering in Heavy Industry but the Oct73 Oil Crisis was the beginning of the end for Heavy Industry and therefore for private jobs for Scientists and Engineers.. I had so many friends in Sci/Eng whose lives were screwed up permanently by the TECHNOCRACY era when the Feds pushed Science and deserted them. And NOW people have the GALL to complain AGAIN that there arent enough people majoring in sci/eng!!! Just like 1957!! Why should the new studious kids?? To wind up like MY generation?? To major in something so difficult and then be offered 8 bucks an hour fro a one year contract in a different city each year?? They arent blind. They see there's no future in it. They can see what happened to MY generation. We were suckered in 1957 because we didnt have a previously suckered generation to observe. These new smart kids see what happened to us. Their freshman profs warn them about how the guys they went to school with in the 60s were backstabbed. .11-23-98..._____ ______ _____ _____ ----- _____ _____ ______ _____ _____ >>>>.NASTY POLITICAL ADS ARE IMPORTANT<<<<< _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ . Just imagine what we'd have without mudslinging! Each candidate would lie thru his teeth to us with impunity. The opponent couldnt tell us that he's lying and the establishment media wont, or even if they did, they wouldnt know hes lying either. The ONLY person whose PERSONAL interest its in to spend money looking up the dirty and possible criminal activities of any candiadate is his OPPONENT. Take notice that its always the Establishment people who are comfortable and part of the in-crowd of power that complain about 'mudslinging'. Any time the two major parties with their lifetime politicains get in cahoots, we the people suffer. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW BOTH SIDES OF EACH CANDIDATE. And each candidate is only going to pay money to tell us his good side. And he will exaggerate and 'lie by omission'. Why should he pay money to tell you why you shouldnt vote for him. The opponent SHOULD do that. Always consider the source. Anyone who wants to stop mudslinging is NOT one of the people. He's someone who is making out well in the status quo. He's probably secretly corrupt himself. We need MORE mudslinging, not less. If these guys want to live off our taxmoney and rule over us and hobnob with the bigshots then let them 'pay' for it. I ran for political office once, I saw nothing wrong with my opponents going after me. I expected it. TUES 11-24-98____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ RANDOM LITTLE RANTS _____ _____ So the new Star Wars is coming out. What really got to me about the old one was the way the critics raved about the 'imagination' of Lucas! Imagination??? The bad guys were Nazis and the good guys were fluffy little animals and mechanical toys. That shows ZERO imagination. And just more of that 'kings and queens in space' crap i cant stand and which show NO knoweldge of science as in REAL sci-fri. ////// When I was growing up no decent man wore his hat indoors. So what is it with these supposedly patriotic 'cowboys' always wearing there's indoors nowadays? They seem to be led by that Garth Brooks jerk. Id like to see a civilized talk show host tell him to take his hat off or it'll be knocked off.////// It's easy to tell REAL holidays from phony made up GOVERNMENT holidays designed to give days off with pay to govt employees. REAL holidays arent moved to mondays. Do you think CHRISTMAS wil be moved to monday? Or July 4th? Or Thanksgiving? And theyve been trying to kill Halloween for decades yet it gets bigger. Liberals in the name of safety. Fundamentalists raving about Satanism. And no one gets the day off!! Yet so many celebrate it. A real people's holiday with NOTHING attached to the government.///// It used to "Take two hands to handle a Whopper". remember the ad? It sure doesnt anymore. Its been much smaller than that for years. And the WHALER lost its name to 'political correctness' and became the 'Big Fish'////// Experts, experts, experts. Every two minutes the anchormen on all three networks use the word 'experts' at us. Dont they realized how patronizing and condescending and HACKNEYED that is??? And who says theyre 'experts'??? If they are profs, call them profs. If they are former-whatevers then tell us they are former-whatevers. But noone has the right to determine what an 'expert' is for someone else. That is something that each person decides for himself after hearing the 'evidence'. Its like a newsman saying,"My favorite flavor is strawberry and therefore yours is, too. Its very insulting to TELL us who we should consider to be an expert. (P.S.: The men who made the Titanic were 'experts', the man who made the Ark was a layman)///// Sometimes I see ads by Unitarians claiming they are the same as the Deists of 1776. Not quite. Both had the same vague religious beliefs but their politics were opposite. Deists are right wing Unitarians or Unitarians are left wing Deists/////// THE REAL POLITICAL DIVISIONS: SPOILED+MORALITY=CONSERVATIVE, SPOILED+IMMORALITY= LIBERAL OR LIBERTARIAN, POVERTY+IMMORALITY= LEFTWING POPULIST, POVERTY+MORALITY= RIGHTWING POPULIST////// _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ____ ______ >>>>>> NO MORE CARPETBAGGING VOTERS <<<<<<< ____ _____ ____ _____ ____ Im sick of carpetbaggers moving into my town and immediately running for public office just because they have the money to grab control of the two parties. They dont even know about the tow yet. Especially when they propose things that they dont know had already been tried and failed..... If someone born in this town cant vote until he's 18 then someone who just moved here should not be allowed to vote until he's also lived here for 18 years- or run for office. It thats a right wing thought, here's a left wing one: you shouldnt have to have been born in the USA to run for president. But if someone who was born here cant be president until he's been here 35 years than someone who moves here from another country should be allowed to be president after living here 35 years. Why shouldnt someone brought here at age 2 be allowed to be president at age 37? Henry Kissinger's politics are not my politics but it's weird that he could never be allowed to be president yet stupider people can. Thursday 12-17-98. ___ _____ _____ _____ _____ >>>>>> SPEAKING OF THE CRIPPLED<<<<< _____ _____ ____ _____ Ever notice how many of them are now in ELECTRIC wheelchairs? Who is paying for all those? I guess in the long run though it will be a lot cheaper because those ELECTRIC wheelchairs are a DEATH SENTENCE. Look, what keeps you alive is EXERCISE. Without it your body will atrophy and die a lot sooner. Now our main exercise is WALKING. We constantly move our legs far more often than we move any other part of the body. That keeps the heart strong and everything else. But if you are in a wheelchair you no longer constantly move your legs. But those guys stayed alive by moving their arms constantly to push those wheelchairs. But now they have turned into complete slugs. They down walk and they dont push their own chairs. Nothing on them moves any more. Theyre now just a small step above being paralyzed in bed all the time. The ELECTRIC wheelchairs will kill them off much quiker than if they pushed their own. Kiling with kindness. Youve got to be cruel to be kind, the song went.//// MORE ORGAN DONATION: Mandy Patankin was on CBS Thanksgiving Day 1998 656pm pushing organ donations. Seems he gets cornea transplants. Of course he never carried a donators card until HE needed one. As I said it has the same problems as Marxism. Mandy says that LESS THAN 5% participate and he calls it "inexplicable". Did it seem "inexplicable" to him when he didnt need it and he didnt carry the card? Its the Law of Supply and Demand. Its not a bit "inexplicable". He kkeps getting now transplants, too. twelve of them. So he takes twelve times and never had any interest in donating until he needed them. And why are twelve people donating to one? Good deal for him at the top of the pyramid scheme.____ _____ _____ _____ ____ _____ ABORTION CLINIC BOMBER. Thousand in woods looking for him. 200 agentts! He killed one person, maybe. If they killed me would there be thousands looking for my murderer? I think not- unless I became a 'politically correct' person such as an abortion clinic worker. Now theyve attached the Olympic Bomb to him, too. But they wont say why he was a suspect in that. I guess to turn the right wing against him. Its like the fact that Sirhan Sirhan and the guy who supposedly shot ML King get ACTUAL life sentences for attacking the liberal gods but not if they killed you and me. They'd both be out on parole in seven years if they killed anyone else. ____ _____ _____ _____ ____ TENS OF THOUSANDS OF HOMELESS IN JAPAN: Im not surprised. Probably worse than that. World economy layoffs. Probably sent their jobs to much poorer countries for slave wages..12-17-98 _____ _____ ____ ____ MORE LIBERAL DIRECTOR PROPAGANDA CRAP: "PLEASANTVILLE" written and directed. Note that :Written AND directed by Gary Ross. OBVIOUS PROPAGANDA HE MADE UP. Trying to brainwash us into believing that the USA wasnt MUCH, MUCH better off decades ago. YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT WAS. And this a person who grew up in poverty along the East River in NYC talking. But these Liberals just love this new WEIMAR CULTURE theyve developed here (until the stock market collapse). In the 50s a poor person could get jobs that paid middle class wages within a short period. And people were MUCH more moral. MAY HIS CHEST CATCH A PIPE,ALSO!12-17-98 Tripod now says we have to edit once every 30 days. 2-1-99 -_________ __________ __________ ________________ THE REAL REASON FOR ELDER ABUSE________ ________ ____________ ______________ Parent is rotten to kid for decades. Gets away with it as kid cant do anything back and is under thumb. Time passes. Kid gets older. So does parent. Kid now stuck taking care of rotten now-old parent who abused him for so many years while he was helpless. Parent still tries to be rotten as its now normal for him to be that way as he did it unthinkingly for years. kid, now adult, has memory. Kid explodes with decades of pent-up anger from all the abuse. (Why is it that people automatically equate being old with being nice. Would a 99 year old Hitler be loved as a nice guy?) __________ _______________ ________________ _______________ ________________ REAL REASON FOR POLISH JOKES ______________ _____________ ________________ ____________ No 'coincidence about when they started. Summer 1965, on day Civil Rights Bill passed. Liberal media immediately wanted to transfer all anti-black, anti-latino, anti-anything nasty 'jokes' to a white group to get them off minority groups. Liberals always hated Poles as 1)Poles are 99% Catholic and Liberals HATE Catholics, 2)Most media liberals were Jewish whose ancestors were from Poland and hated Polish gentles, 3)Conservatives knew Poland a 'Communist' country and part of Warsaw Pact (Remember their anti-Polish Ham campaign in 1965? So media floods america with anti-Polish hate-jokes which are okay under new law. look closely at all the people doing it back then (tv comedians, owners of networks, publishers, etc and youll see almost all Liberal Jews) __________ ___________ ___________ _____________ HIGH IQ CHILD ABUSE ___________ __________ __________ A baby is born. Between birth and age 6 he/she is normal. Plays with other little kids. Learns to socialize normally. Then he/she starts First Grade. Then they test the kid. The kid scores really high. Now a life is destroyed and a freak is created. The kid is now separated from normal people and put in a class with other high IQ kids. Now told he MUST 'work up to potntial'. This means he must now spend the rest of his life running as fast as he can to stay in the same place. He's either brilliant at all times or a failure. NO ONE ASKED THE KID WHAT HE WANTS, the adult system FORCES it on him. He's now loaded down with work that normal kids dont get. Work, work, work. Study, study, study. Constantly compete with the other high IQ kids. No longer time to play anywhere near as much as normal kids. Childhood ruined before it began. He's trained to be an outcast nerd. The other kids consider him different. He doesnt keep developing social skills as he's taken out of general society. He's different, separated and knowledgable- which is like an insul to the other kids. But as he's no longer supposed to play he cant defend himself against the others who dont like the 'haughty different knowitall freak'. At puberty it gets worse as he has no social skills with women and thus far fewer sexual outlets than normal teenagers. And he's 'supposed' to go to college for many, many years. So how is he supposed to get married unless his parents have a lot of money? Society creates 'mad scientists'. Society turned, say, Ted Kazcynski into a freak from age 6. He didnt do it to himself. WHO SAYS THAT A SIX YEAR OLD WITH "GREAT INTELLIGENCE POTENTIAL" MUST BE FORCED TO DEVELOP IT? why should it be that just because a 6 year old has a great potential for intellectual things that he MUST sacrifice a normal life to develop it. If we tested 6 year olds for ARTISTIC ability would we then immediately separate them from normal people and FORCE them to develop their artistic talents??? Most high IQ people are very unhappy as they spent their whole lives doing what they were told they HAD to do by adults. Noone gave them a choice.