I never heard of this RAPTURE crap until about 1980. Where was it all the rest of my life?

The guys on CBN keep saying that people will "fly up into the air". But that translation is obviously WRONG as the AIR was not discovered until the 17th century.

Cant find the forest for the trees. The last thing a fish would discover is water. These sayings mean than we dont think of things we are immersed in.

We now know that we live on the bottom of an ocean of air. Just like a creature walking on the ocean floor is on the bottom of an ocean of water. But At the times the Bible was written people did not know that at all. They thought there was NOTHING around them all the way out to the stars. The word they used was ETHER which meant three-dimentionsal nothingness.

Yes, they felt their chests heaving but they did not know why.

Yes, they felt the wind but they had no idea what it was. Philosophers would discuss how there could be movement without anything being moved.

Yes, they could feel their breath. But they had no idea it was the atmosphere going in and out of them. They thought that what they were feeling was the LIFE FORCE itself moving in and out of them as a sort of stretchable solid invisible substance.

We know that our breath is just the same thing as the atmosphere around us. But they saw their breath as something solid and stretchable and the area outside themselves as being nothingness with no solidity at all.

So it is an obviously wrong translation. What the word actually translates to is GOD'S BREATH!! As in GOD'S BREATH OF LIFE. They believed that God gave life to man by giving man some of his LIFE FORCE, the plasticized 'breath' they felt stretching out and back into them.

Flying up in the air is just a wrong translation. GET A STRONGS CONCORDANCE which translates the Bible between English and the ancient languages that were used.

Note that the Christianity that dominated from about 30 AD until about 1980 staed that one only needed CHRIST to get into Heaven but this new false doctrine states that man needs BOTH Israel and Christ to get into Heaven. And note that the people who are pushing RAPTURE are the same who condemn 30 A.D.-1980 A.D. Christianity: the neo-Conservatives!!! Pass the word . Link this everywhere. Especially on MESSAGE BOARDS.