Both Wages and Salaries keep going down since 1973:
Astrophysicists versus Secular Humanists:
Astrophysicists versus Secular Humanists,part II:
being there:
Nolan Ryan fantastically overrated? :
Rapture is anti-Christian CRAP!:
America's albatross is destroying us!:
The Main football stat of 1930 to 1980 now hidden!:
Most whites are "white-ethnics" and they are treated like crap!:
WHY America was so RICH before 1973 and why we are in so much trouble now!: The CAUSE and CURE are hidden from you!
High School Dropouts of 1930s better off than college grads today!: An era hidden away
Upside down mating of Baby Boomers: New generations just as bad
THE newspaper for MIDDLE AMERICANS!: A Middle American is neither a left-wing nut nor a religious nut.
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