THIS IS AN EXTENSION TO THE MAIN "GREAT ECONOMY? NOTTT" PAGE...... GO TO THAT ONE FIRST. I WAS JUST RUNNING OUT OF ROOM ON THAT ONE. ....._____ _____ _____ MERRY CHRISTMAS: YOU'RE FIRED!!! SEE BELOW _____ _____ ..... ...... ...... Begun Monday October 25, 1998 .....Fri.Nov. 13,1998 ... CBS NEWS, "EYE ON AMERICA", Thursday Nov 12, 1998. Show on Kreitz Market Inheritance in Lockland,Tx. Austin Newspapers.. Two sons get HANDED daddy's business and daddy HANDS daughter the bldg it's in. All three fight over WHAT NONE OF THEM EARNED. TV show says SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS will now change hands between WWII generation and Baby Boomer Generation due to "INHERITANCE". (Thats all this Feudalist country is and ever has been. Freedom causes wealth,my butt). TV show says 9 1/2 MILLION transfers will be worth $600,000 OR MORE!!!. All born-intoism, marry-intoism, and inheritance. Then they WHINE over taxes on things they never 'earned'. Then they stamp on the poor and working class and lecture them about learning. Then they WONDER why people who don't inherit and arent born-into support gov't growth. What causes big govt? Born intoism, and inheritance cause big govt. If these right-wingers imbalance the scales by getting money they did not earn then those who didnt get it will go to the govt and ask them to try to balance things out. ..... ...... ...... .... ...... _____ _____ _____ _____ MERRY CHRISTMAS, YOU'RE FIRED!!! NY POST Thurs.Dec 3.1998 page 50 KEEPING A JOB IN 1998 IS HARD WORK by James B.Kelleher: " A cruel job-cutting campaign by US coprporations is throwing THOUSANDS of Americans out of work this holiday season-- and putting 1998 on track to be the worst year for downsizing this decade, experts say {note: I hate the word 'expert} (par) Employees at Kellogg Co. and DE Shaw & Co. are the latest to find pink slips rather than Christmas bonuses in their December pay envelopes. (par) (It GOES ON, IM NOT GOING TO TYPE ALL THE HORROR STORIES. BUT SUFFICE TO SAY THAT EACH LAYOFF EQUALS ONE WHOLE WORKING CLASS FAMILY DESTROYED. THE REPLACEMENT JOBS ARE ALWAYS MINIMUM WAGE 'SERVICE" JOBS THAT MEAN THAT YOU CANT EVEN BE POOR WITH FREE TIME BUT HAVE TO BE BOTH POOR AND HAVE NO FREE TIME: I.E. SLAVERY TO THE "BORN-INTO" PEOPLE) "If we continue at this pace, this will be the heaviest year of downsizing this decade," said John Challenger, the head of Challenger, Gray & Christmas (!), a Chicago-based international outplacement firm that tracks corporate layoffs. (par). "In 1993, we had over 615,000. If we keep averaging 52,000 layoffs a month, we will surpass that." (par)(NOTE: 615,000 layoffs means 615,000 homes and families destroyed. The newspapers make a big deal over one anti-abortion fanatic killing one abortionist but, as they are spoiled-brat Liberals they yawn at the mass destruction of the lives of about two million people by 'layoffs") The article lists BOEING 48,000, RAYTHEON 14,000, CITIGROUP 8,000, BANKERS TRUST 5,500, MOTOROLA 15,000, and more and more. "Even the high-tech heavyweights in Silicon Valley are giving their workers the cyber-boot. In recent months, Applied Materials announced 3,500 layoffs, Hewlett-Packard said it was cutting 2,500 jobs, Lam Research said it was axing 1,500 to 1,800 jobs and Silicon Graphics said it was firing 1,000 (par) NOTE THAT THIS IS AT THE SAME TIME THEY WANT CONGRESS TO BRING IN FLOODS OF TECHNICAL WORKERS FROM OTHER COMPANIES WHO WILL WORK FOR NEXT TO NOTHING JUST TO BE AMERICANS!!! "If there's any good news in all this,Challenger says, it is that the workers thrown on the unemplyment line don't stay there long. (par) "We're seeing average search times of about 2.6 months," Challenger said. "That's very positive, below the norm." (YEAH, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED AT OUR ALDERSGATE CHURCH GROUP FOR THE WHITE COLLAR UNEMPLOYED SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS: After 2.6 months with no income you are ruined. Bank account overdrawn. Bills unpaid. You become desperate. You then have no choice but to let someone pay you eight bucks an hour for your Master's Degree in Physics, Engineering, Chemistry or Math. You also are now 'willing' to move anywhere for a one-year contract!!! This is when the kids go bad and the marriages collapsed!) _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ____ ____ ...... I just sent the main page code for "nottt" to the Harvard Economics Dept.- about 40 names, I guess. maybe more. But Galbraith was too stuck up to give his (never forget that Liberal Galbraith and Conservative Buckley were 1) spoiled brats who did nothing on their own and thus know nothing about real economics and 2) too stupid to major in Math, Physics, or Chemistry.... ..... ..... ..... Here in York,Pa every thig imaginable went up by at LEAST ten percent since this time last year. Even Big Mac meals went from $2.99 to $3.29 and the cheapest ice cream sandwiches went from 35c to 50c and so on. But now they only want to raise Social Security by 1.3% because these phony liars claim that that was what the inflation rate was. Despite the fact that we now all have computerized grocery receipts..... ..... ..... .... Irwin Stelzer column, NY Post Wed. Oct. 14, 1998.( Evil man? or Blind spoiled jerk? YOU decide!) "Eveyone who wants a job, has one" "The employment rate is about as low as it can ever get" "Inflation is just about zero". (Yeah, minimum wage jobs for ADULT WHITE MALES, so you can imagine how bad it is for other types of people. We lost the working class jobs that paid $20 an hour so the inner city rowhouses could be maintained at middle class level and now we got in return two or three times as many that pay minimum wage.)(Not if you goby the standards of EMPLOYMENT of 1900-1973. Which was one weeks pay had to equal one months rent to be "employed". Now its ten hours a week at minimum wage to be "employed" (even in the Great Depression FDR made sure the TVA workers got one weeks pay equal to one month's rent.) (Those of you who held your receipts from a year ago know the real inflation rate is over ten percent. I just paid 15 cents more for a quart of milk than I did a year ago in the same supermarket.) Stelzer: Computers are getting cheaper by the day, putting more computing power in the hands of teenagers than Einstein had available to him at Princeton" (WHICH teenagers?? Those lucky enough to have been 'born into' the middle class or better? It just widens the gap. Computers are toys for spoiled brats. How many downsized inner-city working class people have them? How many born-poor have them? And new technologies ALWAYS start out very expensive and then go down. BUT NEW TECHNOLOGY IS NOT A NECESSITY, its a toy. And later it's used as a deliberate barrier to keep people from rising. Like now, spoiled little kids whose daddies have computers will learn how to use them while poor kids wont.) IRWIN: Long distance calls once so expensive that the few who could afford them timed each call carefully, are now so cheap that there is now no longer any excuse for not calling grandma.(Working class people who were downsized lost their homes and their phones when reduced to service jobs. I havent mad a long distance call in over a year despite still holding on to my phone- and I have a resume, which is more than these guys have) STELZER: "And air travel for people with flexibility as to dates is cheap enough to make vacations almost anywhere in the world a mass-merchandising item" (yeah, for the born-into spoiled brats. My parents worked like hell all their lives and they could never afford to fly. Still can't. Even the scientists and engineers I know dont fly anymore as they LOST THEIR JOBS when heavy industry died, moved far away, only gave one year contracts, started paying seven bucks an hour (Most scientists and engineers worked in heavy industry. remember heavy industry?) STELZER: "Americans remain jubilant. 85% in an ABC poll 9/98 describe the nations economy as being in good shape" (POLL? Like the 1932 poll which said that Hoover would clobber FDR because they only polled those who still had telephones during the Great Depression. This poll is the same type of thing. NOTE: Starting in 1991 all the newspapers I wrote to for years instituted a new policy that you could ONLY have a letter to the editor published if YOU HAD A PHONE AT WORK. But working class people, when employed, dont work at desks with phones in air conditioned offices.) STELZER: "Car sales keep rising in a market that many thought was saturated, and experts (experts? who says these people are experts? And why are these writers so patronizing?) expect that in a few years ours will be the first to have more vehicles than people" (YEAH, becaus e the born-into people will have two each and the downsized working class will have none. I lost my car and I have a huge physics/engineering resume. And he didnt say NEW car sales and people who buy junkers have to buy another one over and over every year. Those who have new cars or even most cars are the children of the born-into-middle-class. A couple of spoiled-born-middle-class people get married, have two or three spoiled MC children and buy them cars and they have kids and then buy them cars etcetera. IT IS ALL BORN-INTOISM (feudalism). This is becoming a third world nation of the inherited haves and non-inherited have nots).STELZER: "Home ownership is at an all-time high" (Yeah, spoiled kids set up in life and spoiled parents helping with the mortgage. But if your parents have no money you will NOT be allowed to make enough on your own). STELZER: "Perhaps the best test of the great condition in which we find ourselves is the one used by economists WM Cox and R. Alm of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank (Note: two born-into-the-middle-class-spoiled-brats, no doubt. And the Reserve Bank has been the enemy of the working class since 1912). They periodically figure out how many hours WE have to wqork to sustain ourselves in the style to which we have grown accustomed. This takes account both of the fact that things cost more, and that WE are earning more. (NOTE: None of the 'WEs' I know fit these descriptions, but then all my friends EARNED their ways through life). "When air conditioners were introduced in 1952, the average working stiff had to put in 40 hours to earn enough to buy that relief from the heat (LIE! The figure is NOT for the AVERAGE WORKING STIFF. It includes EVERYBODY. The rich and the born-middle class are NOT 'average working stiffs' yet they are averaged in. NO WORKING STIFF WAS ABLE TO AFFORD AN AIR CONDITIONER IN 1952. It was an unnecessary toy for the spoiled, just like color TV in 1955)"Today FOUR HOURS of work at the AVERAGE hourly wage buys a cool night's sleep in the summer." (NOTE: FOUR HOURS??? The downsized people I know are making minimum wage, four hours of their pay? Nope, onlu when you AVERAGE in the rich and the born-into). STELZER: "When color TV hit the market in 1954, the AVERAGE WORKER needed three month's wages to buy a set; today, he can earn enough to buy a better set in three days" WHAT?? I can get a stupid service job and buy one in three days? This man is insane. He writes only for people who never had to go from place to place filling out job applications because their parents were too poor to help them or have connections. (Homes? In 1968 every house on my block of rowhomes was a private family home. Now Im the only one left. The others LOST their's and now live in apartments or trailers. I was spared as Im the only college gard. I worked through.)(The Cox/Alm way is the BEST way? NO< ITS THE WORST AND MOST DISHONEST. New tech is ALWAYS very expensive (AND VERY UNNECESSARY AT THE START) and then gets cheaper later. Using new tech is as stupid as going by the price of old baseball cards compared to their price now. Until it is DEVASTATING to not have something, it should NOT be used. YOU CANT PUT NECESSITIES FOR SURVIVAL AND NEW FRIVOLITIES FOR THE MONIED IN THE SAME LIST. In 1898 the automobile was new and only the rich could afford them so its ridiculous to use autos to determine 1898 prices and wages. But in 1998 its become a near-necessity to survive in places without much public transportation. Even MANPOWER with its minimum wage temporary jobs for the downsized demanded they have a car and phone. And what few factories there are now are left for the poor to get jobs in are WAY out in the counties away from the cities. (I guess that a hundred years from no Stelzer's great grandson who will INHERIT his money will write an article saying inflation is down because a trip to the moon in 1998 cost $30,000,000 for any billionaire who wanted it while in 2098 itll be a regular thing). STELZER: "Five years from now you will be living better than you are now." YEAH, If you are a born MC brat. Five years from now it'll be MORE horrible for earners (versus born-intoers). This city Im in thrived in the 60s, now it's mostly dead. Now Allied Signal wants to buy AMP and downsize its workers. AMP isnt much BUT it pays one or two dollars above minimum wage. So its about all York has left that hires the already downsized from the factories that are now gone. We live in a third world country. The Born-Into liberals and Born-into Conservatives control the media and tell each other how wonderful it is FOR THEM. And they drive around the cities and they wont print letters from the phone-less downsized. I now know what happened in 1789, 1848, 1917, and 1934 when those mean old 'mobs' dragged the well-to-do out of their homes in the middle of the night. And the 'victims' were so shocked as they KNEW everything was going so well for everybody. Everybody THEY knew and read about in THEIR papers anyway. Just wait until this market bubble bursts.....12-1-98... NIGHTLINE ABC Wed night 11-25-98 "14% officially in poverty" (these are much lower standards than the 60s when it was one weeks pay had to equal one months rent to not be in poverty). "Over 30% of Americans in poverty for THREE year period" (I missed almost all of the show) "20-30 million Americans live every day on edge of hunger" (Actually, my next door neighbors avoided 'official' poverty by having to sell the rowhouse they had since 1958 and moving into a trailer! So now they arent starving but they lost their real home and moved into a piece of tin. So much for 'official' statistics. "TWO-THIRDS during this stock market 'boom' have had wage DECREASES so the other ONE-THIRD could have income INCREASES" BRAVO! That's exactly what has been REALLY happening. And it's the UPPER THIRD that control all the media. So they can say that what is good for THEM is good for EVERYONE. Yeah, right. "The middle class is much more at risk than thirty years ago" What this really means is that the Working class people making middle class wages are/were more at risk. The born-into middle class with their born-into homes and land and middle class relatives are doing better at our expense. .......12-17 98 HERE"S SOME NOTES I WROTE ON AN INDEX CARD WHILE WATCHING NIGHTLINE ABC WED> NIGHT 11-25-98: 14% "officially" in poverty ((OF COURSE THEYLL ONLY ADMIT TO THAT MUCH)) Workers getting it worst. Over 30% of Americans in poverty for a THREE YEAR PERIOD (((note: Some black conservative likes to mention that as if it isnt 'real' poverty. What is REALLY going on is that during those three years they lose everything they own. They have to sell things to survive. Then when and if they get another job paying middle class wages they are now considered 'middle class again due to the SALARY level but now their home is stripped and possibly gone and now they're in an apartment and their credit cards are full. So now so much of their re-gotten middle-class income has to got to REPLACE what they lost and PAY off the debts they accumulated that although they may be once again making a middle class salary or wage they can no longer LIVE a middle class lifestyle because most of it goes to the three years of debts and replacing what they lost. THEY NEVER MENTION THAT!!! )))). I missed most of the show though unfortunately. TUFTS- Dr. Brown (illegible).... NOTE: My next door neighbors, after they all got downsized from their factory jobs "avoided" poverty by selling their house (since 1958)and possessions and moving into a trailer! So now theyre not starving and can pay their bills. But look what they had to do!... .... "TWENTY FIVE TO THIRTY MILLION AMERICANS LIVE EVERY DAY ON EDGE OF HUNGER" "TWO-THIRDS HAD WAGE DECREASE WHILE ONE-THIRD HAD WAGE INCREASES" Exactly! They are cannibalizing us and investing it for profit!.... Lester Therow- MIT (?) "MIDDLE CLASS RISKIER THAN 30 YEARS AGO" (Thats the WORKING CLASS PEOPLE making MIDDLE CLASS WAGES actually)//// //// What really gets me is all this whining about Americans not saving as much as they used to. Thats simply a stat they havent been able to phony up yet. When people go from a $30,000 to $40,000 Union Job to a silly 'service' job, how are they supposed to save anything???..... 10-25-98 ..... much more to come .... under construction ....

November 4, 1998 Wednesday. 10:45 am... .... .... Juat bought a 1968 Reader's Digest Almanac. Unfortunately page 505 gives earnings for salaried professionals by YEAR and for wage professionals by WEEK. However, if the present economy is the same so should the ratios be. For example, in 1967 a physician made $14,561 a yer and a fabricated metal worker made $134.73 a week....Now I need to find a recent almanac to check the ratios. (Do you havee one? Check it yourself). .... .... ..... It also said that in 1967, 19,000,000 workers were in manufacturing ( which pays MORE) and 9,600,000 were in service jobs (which pay LESS). I'd like to get a 1999 Almanac and compare. (Back in 1963 I saw an old British movie on TV that was called "The man from 1999" which was about a 1999 Almanac being lost in the past. The "future" is much WORSE for those who EARN). .... On TV the other night there was a story about the Tennessee Valley Authority in the 1930s and how the workers got one weeks pay equal to one weeks rent. Even in the Depression they knew that was what it takes .... .... .... Note the following 1965 export/import stats (in millions). Remember, the USA was doing wonderfully that year: USA 27,000/21,000, West Germany 18,000/17,500, Japan 8,452/8,170, Rhodesia 442/335 (went independent), Brunei 64/36, USSR 8,166/8,053, Cuba (imbargo) 686/865, Mexico 1,146/ 1,560, Great Britain 13,227/15,654 (devalued the pound), Egypt 605/934, Israel 406/814, India 1,688/2,811, Jordan 25/157, South Korea 175/450, Laos 1/33, Pakistan 528/1,043, South Vietnam 36/357 (war), So what does this all tell you? The proof is in the pudding and it shows that despite all the spin doctor rhetoric by both sides a nation's health is in proportion to its export/import ratio. In 1966 it says that US exports went up by over 3 billion but imports went up by over 4 billion. That means that 1966 wasn't quite as good as 1965, which I recall. EXPORT/IMPORT RATIO IN USA: 1948: 1.75, 1953:1.44, 1956:1.48, 1957:1.546, 1958: 1.335, 1959: 1.13, 1960: 1.354, 1961 : 1.414, 1962: 1.314, 1963:1.305, 1964:1.407, 1965: 1.27, 1966: 1.178 In 1948 the USA dominated the world as the other industrial nations were ruined. There was a recession in 1959 (I recall my relatives losing their jobs) and 1964 was a good year.... .... ... 1968 Almanac's last date is Dec. 9, 1967. On list of cities with dirtiest air the little rich industrial town of York,Pa is up there with the big ones at #39.... Well, the goddamned spoiled brat 'environmentalists' got their wish. York,Pa is no longer on that list. The 'polluting' factories closed, the people are now impoverished, but the air is just fine for those spoiled brats to drive around the cities in the RVs their daddies' moneu bough for them.... .... .... .... 1966-20.4% made $10,000-$14,999, 15.1%: $8,000-$9,999, 9.3%: $7,000-$7,999, 9.4%- $6,000-$6,999. Those are the four biggest groups. It drops off quickly in both directions from there so we can call this the MODE which is much,much more honest than AVERAGE. (Suppose you have three penniless bums in an alley with one guy with four billion dollars. The AVERAGE is that they are all Billionaires. The MODE says 'most have zero'. Naturally lying liberal and conservative Globalists use the Average). Remember when looking at these incomes, which are what most people REALLY made back then that in 1966 candy bars were rising from 5 cents to 6 cents, comic books were 12 cents (they were $2 - $3 last week), cigarettes were 25-30 cents, a 12 oz bottle of soda was 10c plus 2c deposit you got back, coffee 10c, In NYC in the 1950s they sold pizza by the slice for 10c, in the 60s it was 15c until about 1969 when it went to 20c. (check old photos as they had sign in the windows) (went to 12c-15c in 1969), Wages back then : nursemaid $1.25, dietition 2.50, cook 2.50, dishwasher 1.50, housekeeper 1.50, launderess 1.90, night watchman 1.96, garbageman $2.77, accountant 3.00, bartender 2.01 (with tips), Youth counselor $4.00, maintenance man 2.25, ... .... ...NEW YORK SUNDAY NEWS OCT>25, 1998: page 33 has price comparisons: subway tokens 1962 15c, 1998 $1.50 (10 to 1), movie ticket NYC: 1962 75 cents, 1998 $9.00 ( 12 to 1)(but smaller screens now), Pontiac Grand Prix 1962 $2,850, 1998 $22,895 (8 to 1). When I was a kid teenage boys loved and knew every American car on sight. And there were many songs on the radio about them. Not anymore. Then it was all power and speed. Now its all safety and non-pollution. Cars are more for fogies now. Yes, for the things NORMAL people are concerned with its 10 to 1 for the first half of the 60s and 7 to 1 for the late 60s. To use "The latest technology is a deliberate LIE when used to push phony inflation rates.... 11-23-98.. So ARMSTRONG Industries, the major industry in Lancaster County,Pa now announces another MAS layoff. AND ITS STOCK SOARS. Same as the last 20-25 years. The more EARNERS lose their industrial jobs and drop into poverty, the more the BORN INTO and INHERITORS' stocks go up. Then the media (all born-into inheritors) keep talking about how their OWN kind go up while NEVER asking where all the millions of 'downsized' workers (and scientists and engineers) went. THEY WENT INTO POVERTY and are kept hidden by the spoiled liberal media. IT WORKS LIKE THIS::: A working-class man makes $30,000 in a dirty factory and a born middle-class man makes $40,000 in an air-conditioned office (from which he can write letters to the editor as he has a phone 9am-4pm and the worker does not). Then the working-class man is reduced to a $10,000 'service' job (if he's lucky, usually he now has to carry three minimum wage jobs) so the middle-class man's total income, including stocks, can go up to $60,000. Then the media brags about the $60,000 because a liberal president is in office while HIDING what happened to the worker. Of course, where the workers $30,000 could support his whole family, his $10,000 can't. So now the wife has to work,too. Then the kids grow up without their parents around and turn surly and maybe criminal. Then they have to work, too. It used to be that the $30,000 by the father WAS the "Household Income" all by itself. Now the whole family (short of the dog) has to work to make LESS than $30,000 total (and then subtract work-expenses, minus pensions, minus medical.)...11-23-98... ... 12-1-98 ... ____ So ARMSTRONG, the major industry in Lancaster County, Pa announces ANOTHER mass layoff. AND THE STOCK SOARS. Same for the last 20-25 years. The more "EARNERS" lose their industrial jobs and drop into poverty the more the INHERITORS' stocks go up. Then the media (all born-into inheritors) keep talking about how their own kind go up while NEVER asking where all the millions of "downsized" workers (AND SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS) went. They went into poverty and are kept hidden by the liberal-media. It works like this: A working-class man makes $30,000 in a dirty factory and a born-middle-class man makes $40,000 in an air-conditioned office. So the working-class man is reduced to a $10,000 'service' job so th middle'class man's total income' including stocks, goes up to $60,000. Then the media brags about the $60,000 because a liberal president is in office while hiding what happened to the worker. Of course, where the worker's $30,000 could support his family, his $10,000 (two part time service jobs) can NOT! So now the wife has to work, too. Then the kids grow up unattended by adults and turn surly and maybe even criminal. Then they have to work, too. It used to be that the $30,000 by the father WAS the 'household income' by itself. Now the whole family (short of the dog) has to work to make LESS than the $30,000 total (minus work expenses, minus pensions, minus medical)... 12-1-98... ____ _____ _____ BILLIONS MORE GOUGED FROM TOBACCO INDUSTRY. The costs will be paid by the working man who still wants to smoke and isnt going to obey a bunch of trendy spoiled aging hippies who wallowed in every drug and now have the nerve to tell adult workers what to consume. The spoiled brats who became lawyers on their daddies' money will get richer off the downsized working man and the anti-tobacco, pro-marijuana spoiled liberals will get to play Big Brother..... 12-1-98 _____ MANPOWER says there's a big demand for workers. Yeah, their minimum wage workers. Industry lays them off and then hires them back at a fraction of their earlier wage. __________ _________ _________ DENNIS THE MENACE CARTOON Thurs Nov 12, 1998. To his suburban father in his air conditioned office: "You just SIT here all day long? I thought you said you WORKED?!"... (That's why you live in the suburbs, Dennis, because your daddy doesnt really work. If he did, you'd be in the inner city and he'd be laid off so a suburban daddy could get richer)... 12-1-98 ______ _____ ______ >>>>> THE SPOILED LIBERAL MEDIA PROPAGANDISTS WERE BRAGGING THAT THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY IS BOOMING FOR WORKERS AND THAT GAS PRICES ARE WAY DOWN. Yes, its true. The only decent job a working-class person can get any more is to build houses for the bastards who made money due to all these layoffs. And why should downsized workers care about the gas prices? The ones I know LOST their cars (and phones, etc). By REAL inflation rate the 99c/gallon rate here is equal to ten cents a gallon in 1964. BUT in 1964 FACTORY WORKERS WERE DOING WELL AND HAD NICE CARS!!! So the born-into/ inheritors now get nice new homes and cheap gas. Whoopee!! 12-17-98

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