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.....LIBERALS??? NOT!!!.... .... ........ 10-7-98.. ...LIBERALS SAME SOCIO-ECONOMIC SPOILED BRATS AS CONSERVATIVES.. ...HETERO-AIDS NONSENSE... ...DIVERSITY BALONEY.. ...NUCLEAR WINTER... ANTI-SEMITISM ..GLOBAL WARMING... ..SECULAR HUMANISM.. ...ETHNIC NEIGHBORHOOD RIGHTS.. ...TRUE HISTORY OF RACIST GROUPS. ....UNDERCLASS WHITES... ...WEIMAR REPUBLIC... ..NEWTON'S LAWS WORK FOR POLITICS.. ...POLITICALLY INCORRECT.. ...BLACK POVERTY vs WHITE POVERTY... .."GRASS ROOTS" MOVEMENTS ARE BUNK... ...COLLEGE FOR EVERYBODY?... ...EVOLUTION/RELATIVITY..... .....I WILL EXPOSE THE "FALSE PREMISES" OF LIBERALS< CONSERVATIVES< AND LIBERTARIANS ON THESE PAGES> HAVING BEEN A MEMBER OF ALL THREE GROUPS OVER THE YEARS...... .......... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... . .... ..... ..... ......1) "HETERO-AIDS IS NONSENSE":::.. .. ... ..... ..... ..... .. ......As bachelor Jack Nicholson's physician told him, "A straight man has about much of a chance of contracting AIDS from a woman as having a safe fall on him.".. ...I studied "weak viruses" in college in the 1970s. Its amazing how other people who did immediately put their tails between their legs when the hetero-aids myth started. This is because BOTH Liberals AND Conservatives have their own agendas to support what they KNOW to be a LIE. Liberals do it to scare straights into giving money to homosexuals. Conservatives do it to scare straights into celibacy... .Back in the 70s we learned that "weak viruses" do NOT behave like the heter-aids liars say they do because weak-viruses are just that:WEAK!. They need CONSTANT nurturing. They must go directly from one protected environment to another. Preferably by quick, direct injection from one safe place into another...Weak viruses florish in BLOOD and FECAL material- lots of nutrients. They die quickly in ACID- as in vaginal acids... ...Funny how Liberals throw EVOLUTION right out the window when it doesnt agree with political correctness. A vagina eveolved into an ENTRANCE. It there fore had to evolve defensive acids to make sure the wrong things did not enter. It protected itself. An anus evolved as an EXIT. It threfore did not develop defensive acids to protect itself. Fooling with fecal material is DANGEROUS no matter what the purpose is...Women getting AIDS form men? Most were dope addicts who LIED. The rest were either so sick already that their vaginal ph (acid/alkaline) defenses were not working properly or (more likely) they submitted to anal intercourse.. ...By definition a straight man can never be on the receiving end of anal intercourse. But a straight woman can... ..Last year a prostitute in Harrisburg, Pa who knew she had AIDS had sex with over 100 men. Not one got AIDS from her. Men dont get AIDS from women...But due to lying political correctness they threw the book at this poor, uneducated woman for attempted murder. This was pure bigotry against her. A LIE CREATED BY MONIED HOMOSEXUAL MALES AND PUSHED BY MONIED LIBERAL MEDIA MALES WAS USED TO STRIKE AT A POOR WOMAN. I repeat- NONE of the males tested positive for HIV as hetero-aids is a politically-correct lie backed by both Liberals (pro-homosexual) and conservatives (anti-sex). THERE HAS NEVER, NEVER BEEN ANY "PROOF" OF HETERO-AIDS YET NOONE (including the ACLU) HAS SUPPORTED THAT POOR WOMAN AT ALL. AND NO NEWSPAPER WOULD RUN ANYTHING I SAID IN THAT WOMAN'S DEFENSE....The men around the country who claim they got AIDS from women? They are ALL liars. How many males hiding their homosexuality or drug use are going to suddenly admit it ?? ESPECIALLY when they now are sick and have enough problems. The same people who are always demanding PROOF from Fundamentalists NEVER demand proof for hetero-aids or global warming or nuclear winter. Me? Im a lifelong bachelor who has NEVER used a condom and I NEVER will. Condoms went out the same time that black people stopped riding on the back of the bus. Just as Blacks wont go back to the rear of the bus neither will I let a bunch of LYING homosexuals, Liberals, Conservatives and Born-Agains put me back in 1963. P.S. Read "The Myth of Heterosexual AIDs" which Liberals have BANNED from most libraries and bookstores...NOTE: Liberals are always lying through their teeth and claiming that 10% of the population is homosexual. And Conservatives claim it's 2%. As both groups are extremist-nut LIARS we can split the difference and say it's about 6%. Remember: they both lie as they have agendas to push on other people..10-6-98. ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ...... ..... ..... ...... ..... ..... ..... ..2) ANTI-SEMITISM:..... ..... ..... ..... ..... The reason we gentiles have it is that the ONLY Jews we gentiles are ever allowed to see or hear or read are the nutty ultra-liberal Jews who HATE everything that is decent. We are not allowed to know the decent Jews exist. Were it up to me every man, woman, and child would get a copy of the NEW YORK POST every day. It is a Jewish paper written by DECENT, NON-LIBERAL JEWS. It shows that they exist and that they have the same standards of decency as decent gentiles..The liberal Jews constantly push degeneracy and filth on us gentiles while claiming that they represent ALL Jews so what does one expect to happen??...... While I was growing up along the East River in NYC I was near the Orthodox Jews of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. THEY certainly werent Liberal Degenerates. When I moved to this Penna. city I wondered why the locals disliked Jews so much when there didn't even seem to be any of them around.. And that was the very reason. As there were none around the only ones they ever heard of were the Liberal degenerate ones in the national media so the local people thought they must ALL be like that. Yes, there also were GENTILE degenerate liberals on TV but they were balanced out by the fact that people saw other gentiles on the street every day and knew the ones on TV were just freaks. But there were no jews to meet daily. It also doesnt help when all these well-dressed jews on TV whine about being "underdogs" while its obvious that they arent living in cardboard boxes. Overdogs posing as underdogs are VERY offensive- especially to the underclass white gentiles who are pushed into the arms of nasty groups. ..... ......... 10-8 ... ........ .......UNDER CONSTRUCTION 9-30-98 10-7-98... not edited. .....bad typist....typos abound..

.DR. QUINN/MURPHY BROWN/NANNY/DHARMA.. The liberals sure whined when both Dr Quinn and Murphy Brown got cancelled due to lack of viewers. But what did they expect? You can run a business OR you can promote a cause. You cant do both. And both shows were non-stop liberal propaganda that drove away ALL conservatives and many middle of the roaders who got tired of the preaching. ..On Dr. Quinn we had fanatical political correctness: white males bad, Indians good, women good, veterans bad, blacks good, southerners bad. Early morning 10-2-98 I turn on TV and theres Dr Quinn rerun. It starts off with all-wise, all-gentle Indian explaining plants to Dr Quinn and child. Suddenly gunshots! Just over hill they just happen to be are mean ole evil straight, gentile, white males killing lots of buffalo out of the pure evil in such people's hearts. Now woman who plays Dr Quinn is known as a Liberal Jewish Foreigner. So do you think this helps or hinders anti- semitism? If there has ever been an episode that didnt push the bigoted stereotype of straight, gentile, white males as being EVIL, i havent seen it. Just imagine a show doing that with any other group. UNDER CONSTRUCTION.... ..........On Murphy Brown each show was dedicated to a liberal cause. And from the opening lines gratuitous insults at conservatives were just thrown out that had no connection with the plot at all. Of course the show had all the same stereotypes as Dr Quinn..It also shows "60 MINUTES" total lack of journalistic integrity when their newsroom kept saying how great it would be to have Candace Bergen, who dedicated her life to being bigoted against non-liberals, as a member of their news team.. ...... ..... ...... ...And then we have "The Nanny" and "Dharma and Greg". ..... ...... Both have the same bigoted stereotypes -rich gentile man marries poor Jewish woman. WHAT NONSENSE. The Jews are equal to or mighty close to the richest gentile group in terms of money and power. Although they make up 1.9% of the American population they are far from hurting. This isnt 1910. And now Dharma is adopting a black child. Rich gentile, poor Jew, black kid. What next? A homosexual guy in a wheelchair who is a vegetarian?...... ....... ...... ...... ...... .....60 MINUTES.. ...... ....... ....Ever notice that 60 MINUTES always has THREE segments any they rotate between the following categories: black segment, jewish segment, anti-military segment, feminist segment, anti-business segment, anti-religion segment. ....Last sunday in late Sept. 98 they had one jewish, one black, and one anti-military. However they can hold their non-liberal audience with that fat guy who speaks at the end Andy Rooney and because they will occasionally take a swipe at Israel (for not being liberal enough!).The show on 10-4-98: pro-feminist (female baseball player), anti-Christian (anti-Rutherford Inst), anti-Arab (suing Iran). Watch show every week and NOTE segments for yourself. Their address: 524w57 st NY NY 10019.. ...... ..... ..... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... TALK SHOW HOSTS ...... ...... ........ ....... Here are some talk show hosts: Geraldo (Jewish/Puerto Rican), Oprah (black), Rosie (Lesbian), Maury (Jewish), Springer (Jewish), Montel (Black), Jenny (Feminist), Ricki (feminist), Sally (Jewish feminist), Howie (Jewish). Why is this field so BIGOTED against WORKING-CLASS ETHNIC GROUPS???? Why is that considered okay? Why no Irish catholics or Poles or Italians or Bohunks or Welsh ?? Actually all of TV is bigoted against the working class ethnic groups.. 10-9 fri.....UNDER CONSTRUCTION 10-1-98... ...11-23-98 >>>>> LEFTWING NUT DIRECTOR IMPALED !!! <<<<< The liberal media is all bent out of shape because some left wing director Pakula died on the highway from being implaed by flying junk. All he ever did was left wing propaganda crap- dont any of these guys have any independent thougth sof their own? Seems like those who are always complainng about "fools who are brainwashed by religion" themselves always get brainwashed by the same word for word liberal crap. No imagination. No artistic integrity. Never a new way of looking at the argument that might be interesting to non-liberals. Pure liberal tripe blathering. Always hackneyed with the same old buzzwords without ever a new twist to make it more interesting to the general public. Mister Mindless did 'All The President's Men" anti-Republican, 'Klute" with Jane Fonda!, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' (ultra left wing classic), and 'The Devils Own' (anti-working class, anti-white-ethnic, anti-Catholic). Typical 'poor whites dont exist unless theyre evil' nonsense. Im glad the crud is dead. Maybe it was an act of God. 11-23-98. ....... ...... .... ........ .......UNDER CONSTRUCTION 10-1-98 If you agree with this site, please type it in on message boards and newspapers. It's ..... ..... 12-1-98 The liberals just love NYPD Blue's cursing, don't they? They hate cops but they love the profanity and scream First Amendment when ever decent people complain. Yet these same Liberals wan't to get rid of the 'N-word". What Nazis they are. They want to pick and choose what curse words we may hear. Their rule is: the cusswords that offend Liberals should be banned BUT the cuss words that offend NON-liberals should be mandatory. And they like to say that the cusswords make NYPD more 'realistic' as people in NYC use cusswords. That's true. But it's also true that they use the N-word as well!! Cusswords are cusswords. People who curse a lot will use them ALL a lot. People who don't cuss won't use any of them. Moderate cussers use them all moderately. The crazy liberal idea that they can 'scalpel out' the cusswords that liberals dont like while leaving all the others is, just that, crazy. It's a package deal. If it's a First amendment right to use all the other cusswords, than it's also one to use the n-word cussword. (And while we are at it, if the liberals dont like Klan flyers, then dont read them. That's what they always tell us about porno, isnt it?) ..... ..... ..... .... There was an article in a NYC paper about REFORMED liberal Jews returning to Germany for the first time since WWII. Oh, that's just great!!?? That's what caused the mess in the first place; all those degenerate liberal 'reformed' Jews claiming to speak for ALL Jews while they spread their filth during the Weimar Republic. The DECENT Jews (Conservative and Orthodox) despised those creeps and what they were doing to the reputations of Jews in general. It's like the liberal Unitarians claiming to speak for the conservative Fundamentalists..... .... ..... ....______ I just bought a book entitled "The Weimar Republic" by a guy named Gay (that name is easy to recall). I looked up, in the index, the word "morality" and it wasn't there. Such people never learn, do they?? The Liberals who write these things have no clue what 'morality' is so they see no connection between the Weimar Culture lack of morality in traditionalist Germany and how that led to the rise of the Nazis. Well, these born-into-money spoiled brats have no clue how we working class populists consider morality important to keep our poorer neighborhoods from descending into chaos as they are insulated from such a situation by their daddies' money. ____ ____ ____ ____ ___>>>>> LEFT WING DIRECTOR IMPALED <<<<< ____ _____ _____ ____ The liberal media is all bent out of shape because some left wing director died on the highway. Seems he got impaled by a pipe flipped thru his windshield. He was killed by his own kind: garbage, ALL HE EVER DID WAS LEFTWING PROPAGANDA CRAP! dont any of these guys have ant independent thoughts of their own? Seems like people who mock those who are "brainwashed by religion" are always brainwashed into more ridiculous things. No imagination. No artistic integrity. Pure liberal tripe blathering that is always hackneyed with the same old phrases without ever a new twist to make it interesting to the general public. "All The Presidents Men" (anti-Nixon, pro-ultra left wing Washington Post), "Klute" with Jane Fonda (typical spoiled brat Liberal who hated the poor whites who went to Vietnam), "To Kill a Mockingbird" (Typical 'poor whites dont exist- except when they're evil" nonsense, "The Devils Own" (antiCatholic, anti-white ethnics, anti-working class populists. Im glad to read that the evil, mindless sonofabitch suffered. I think its name was Pakula as in Dracula. 12-17-98 thurs _____

HERE IS A RANT I POSTED ELSEWHERE AND AM NOW COPYING OVER::: ... ... ... I sure am getting sick of these cries of "McCARTHYISM" by these born-into-the-middle-class spoiled-brat-LIBERALS. Please note that the WORKING-CLASS people of that era SUPPORTED McCARTHY!! The few people that McCarthy did ruin may not have been blatant members of th Communist Party but they sure were supporters of mass murderer Josef Stalin who also banned labor unions. My whole underclass neighborhood along the East River in NYC supported Joe against these rich kid spoiled academics who like to perform their social experiments upon the working poor and who thought Russian Communism was "cool". Like Stalin they were also all atheists and most working class people are not.(Theyre usually Catholics). Unlike Comminists of that era who tended to be puritanical the Stalin=lovers were also usually degenerates which also offended the American working-class NEVER FORGET THAT CONSERVATISM, LIBERALISM, AND COMMUNISM ARE ALL PHILOSOPHIES OF THE SHELTERED, SPOILED, INSULATED PEOPLE WHO WERE "BORN INTO" THE MIDDLE CLASS and who, like Lord Fauntleroy , THINK they know what's going on due to what others like themselves teach them (bootstrap logic) but actually know LESS about REAL economics than any poor kid who had to EARN every penny. The American Stalin supporters of the " McCarthy era " were no better than the Hitler supporters of the 1930s. Go ask a person of East European descent who lived at that time what HE thought of all the 1950 Stalin-lovers in Hollywood and in Academia. Im glad McCarthy was able to harm them. Whats funny is that the types of people who supported Stalin at that time and whom McCarthy was after WOULD HAVE BEEN AMONG THOSE WHOM CHAIRMAN MAO CHASED INTO THE MINES AND FARMS TO LEARN WHAT THE REAL WORLD IS ABOUT> I HATE middle-class pipe-smoking "intellectuals" and Hollywood.....UNDER CONSTRUCTION...10-2-98...... ....

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