..... CONSERVATIVES???? NOT!!!!..... .......... .... 10-7-98.. CONTENTS:..... VIETNAM WAR-WIMP HYPOCRITES, ..... WHAT REALLY IS THE GENERATOR OF BIG GOVERNMENT?..... SPOILED-BRATS VERSUS DEGENERATES,..... FEUDALISM POSING AS CAPITALISM,..... PHONY ECONOMY,..... REAL REASON PEOPLE DONT VOTE.....WHOSE FAULT MEDIA IS LIBERAL?.......CONSERVATIVES AND AIDS NONSENSE......MORE....CHECK LINKS ON BOTTOM..............9-30-98.....................1) THE SIXTIES..............Conservatives are STILL complaining about what happened in the 60s. And everything they say about the great social upheaval just may be true. But whether it is or isnt is NOT the question here. The BIG question is:"WHAT CAUSED IT???" Why dont they try to answer that?? NOTHING EVER HAPPENS FOR NO REASON!!! What caused that mess? MOONBEAMS?? How many were involved in that great socail upheaval that happened all at once and inclded what? hundreds? thousands? tens of thousands? hundreds of thousands? millions?. Whatever the correct number is, why would so many people SIMULTANEOSLY change and start freaking out? Whay would so many different types of people change all at once? And why all to basically the same thing the Conservatives hate? Was it a secret chain letter? UFOs? Let's look back at that generation from its beginning to find out.......Their parents were the generation that SURVIVED the Great Depression and the greatest war in history WWII, >that nightmare went on fron 1929 until 1945. When it ende those shell-shocked survivors swore that their kids would NEVER go through the same crap their parents did. And 1945 began the age of affluence. They decided that, "My kids are going to have everything I never had". Sothe generation that was toughened up from 1929-1945 DELIBERATELY SPOILED their kids from 1945 to 1964. Then the OLDER generation after exactly 19 years of spoiling the YOUNGER generation suddenly expected them to become JUNGLE FIGHTERS AT AGE 19!! (draft age). Thats like a Sultan spoiling his son in the Seraglio and then suddenly expecting him to become a Janassarie!(sp?) Its no wonder that the younger generation freaked out. Ther parents spent 19 years softening them and then expected them to be tough guys......But there are TWO other things that were UNIQUE to the 60s generation that cause them to become what they became. The first was that they were the ONLY generation in a supposedly "free" country to have a perpetual Orwellian peacetime draft hanging over their heads from birth 1945-1973 AND it was the only generation to have a perpetual Orwellian WAr hanging over its head (1964-1974). SO THERE WERE FOUR WEIRD THINGS THAT HAPPENED ONLT TO THAT GENERATION: an affluent society, parents deliberately spoiling their kids, perpetual conscription, perpetual war. Dont forget that that generation could not see the future. In the 60s it looked like there was no end in sight for the Draft or the Vietnam War. JFK and LBJ were totally stymied. RMN took five years only to lose it anyway which was what his predecessors were trying to avoid. AND it would NEVER have ended if the 60s generation had not put the end to it themselves. Looking back a member of the present generation could say,"Well, all they had to do was wait a few more years". No, if the 60s generation waited it would STILL be going on. It WAS the social upheaval that ended it. And time goes very slowly when youre young. LBJ seemed to be president forever and could STILL have been in for four more years.........And the older generation was always trying to equate Vietnam with WWII which was RIDICULOUS! Besides the four thngs previously mentioned Vietnam did NOT have a PEARL HARBOR to galvanize the public and there was NOT a declaration of war...The older generation also always talked as if WWII had begun on December 7, 1941. Yet it began on September 1, 1939. Or in 1936 if you go by Japan. The proper comparison would be that of FDR, on the day following Germany's attack on Poland to have started DRAFTING American boys to ship to Poland to fight the Germans for the Poles without ANY attack on the USA and with no declaration of war. These same right-wingers, when younger in the 1939-1941 era had been "Isolationists" opposing any US involvement of ANY kind in WWII. Just imagine how they would have rioted if FDR had tried to ship THEM to Poland in 1939!! They would have rioted in the streets- just like the 60s people they complain about.........9-30 under construction.............UNDER CONSTRUCTION .... .... ..... ...... ...... 2) IT IS THE CONSERVATIVES' FAULT THAT THE MEDIA IS SO LIBERAL.... .... When I started college in 1967 I was in a dormitory with many other students. We all had they right to chooses our majors. The Conservative kids on the floor were into "greed'. they chose majors that would make them a lot of money. The Liberal kids on the floor chose "causes". They didnt care about making a lot of money. They wanted to change the world and bring people around to their beliefs. So the Conservatives went into things like BUSINESS and the Liberals went into things like JOURNALISM and TV/RADIO. Now NOONE stopped the Conservatives from majoring in Journalism/Tv radio. They CHOSE not to do it. By doing so they ABANDONED THE FIELD TO THE ENEMY. Now they whine because SOME OTHER conservative didnt go into the media. They all expected the-other-guy to do it, not themselves. And Ill bet that if even offered a job in media today with the ensuing cut in pay it would bring they still wouldnt take it. Isnt this why Wm Buckley started National Review? Because he noticed that fellow conservatives simply werent choosing to go into the media. So many times in life when we complain about things its not the fault of what somebody else did or didnt do, its what we ourselves did or didnt do. The conservatives abandoned the media field and brought it on themselves. ..... ..... ..... ..... ...... ..... 3) CONSERVATIVES AND HETERO-AIDS NONSENSE (see Liberals? NOT!) .... ........ ..... ..... 4) The so-called BILL OF NO RIGHTS...I found this spoiled -brat gem at http://www.tulsatoday.com/publicrepublican.html. It came from State Rep. Mitchell Kaye of Cobb County, Georgia (that figures): ARTICLE I: You do not have the righ to a new car, big screen Tv or ANY OTHER FORM OF WEALTH"...I'll bet he and his supporters think they do : the so-called "birthright" which means you are owed something just for being born (born-intoism, inheritance). I'll bet he and his ilk got THEIR money from their so-called 'birthright' 9born-int-it, inherit-it, nepotism). Have you EVER met ANYONE who spoke like this who did NOT get his middle class start in life from his daddy and NOt from Horatio Algerism?? ARTICLE IV: NO RIGHT TO FREE FOOD OR HOUSING. (I'll bet he and his ilk got theres from their middle class parents. They probably also got help from them while in high school and college )(in my neighborhood, one left home at 14).....ARTICLE V: YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO FREE HEALTH CARE. (These guys got their from thier parents and their employers while they support DOWNSIZING us into no real incomes and no company health care. ARTICLE IX:YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO A JOB. These people get theirs from their relatives- either directly thru connections and/or training or via financial help to get the "papers" to be quaalified. UNDER CONSTRUCTION> I will show the FALSE PREMISES and LIES OF OMISSION of BOTH CONSERVATIVES AND LIBERALS ON THESE PAGES> thurs 10-8-98 friday 10-9-98 (The PBS Antique shows are a hoot! They bring out these great old items and tell them how much theyre worth and the people are always surprised about their unexpected windfalls. But where do they get these objects?? Why, they almost always INHERIT them of course. Heaven forbid that they study up on such things and go out and search for them. Probably mostly conservatives.

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