CHECK LINKS ON BOTTOM--.. ..... CONTENTS:.... ..PHONY ECONOMY... .......PHONY INFLATION RATE. .........PHONY EMPLOYMENT RATE........ .."BORN-INTO" COLUMNISTS........ ..SPOILED YOUNG WORKERS. ....... .HIPPIES VS HARDHATS.. ....... .OIL CRISIS 1973. ........ .UNION SELF-DESTRUCTION........ ..DYING CITIES...... ....INHERITANCE/NEPOTISM/CONNECTIONS.... .......TO HELL WITH THE "MIDDLE-CLASS". .........EARNERS PRAY FOR STOCK MARKET TO COLLAPSE.... ......... ..LICENSES/DEGREES/CERTIFICATIONS........ ..CAPITALISM/SOCIALISM/FEUDALISM/...... ...HIPPIES INHERIT........ ..LIBERALS&CONSERVATIVES VS POPULISTS......... .REPRODUCTION AND MORTALITY.. ........CONSUMERS AGAINST EARNERS......... ....GLOBALISTS KEEP PROFITS BUT MAKE US MAKE UP LOSSES.... .....DESTRUCTION OF THE FIREWALL THAT PROTECTED USA FROM FOREIGN COUNTRY ECONOMIC COLLAPSES.. ..... ....... THE ECONOMY IS A MESS!..THIS COUNTRY HAS NEVER RECCOVERED FROM THE OIL CRISIS OF OCTOBER 1973 ..BEFORE THAT ONE BORN INTO THE 'UNDERCLASS' COULD JOIN THE WORKING CLASS AND RISE QUICKLY TO THE 'MIDDLE CLASS'..WORKING CLASS JOBS THAT PAID MIDDLE CLASS WAGES WERE WHAT KEPT OUR CITIES SAFE AND CLEAN. BY FLINGING SO MANY WORKING CLASS WHITE MALES INTO 'DOWNSIZED' POVERTY THE MONIED WHITES RUINED THEIR OWN COUNTRY... 10-13 TUESDAY....... .....LATEST SPOILED BRAT LYING NONSENSE; 9-29-98 ny post Editorial page "The End of The Kohl Era'::"Kohl failed to reform the union coddling cradle to grave welfare state that has done so much to undermine the German economy. Germany now has some of the worst unemployment in Europe, with nearly 12 percent of the adult population out of work" What it fails to mention here is the difference in determining employment (see below). Just last night on TV they were telling how the people who are counted as EMPLOYED are making, on average in Germany's industries, 30 dollars an hour and working 30 hours a week with six weeks paid vacation. In this country we count workers downsized into poverty pay as "employed". I'd MUCH rather be in a country where the INDUSTRIES are humming at $30 an hour with 12% unemployment than in a country of $6 an hour jobs with 3% "unemployment" (see below) It's no accident that some of the ENGINEERS I worked with here moved there to work as they still have 1960s standards of what REAL jobs and REAL pay is. But the NY POST is a newspaper for BORN INTO THE MIDDLE CLASS SPOILED BRATS and written by such sheltered spoiled brats.(In that paper theyre always bringing their kids into the jobs so poor kids cant rise to them. Typical Conservative FEUDALISM; speaking of earning while only inheriting) But it does carry Pat Buchanan, who is the only famous person who knows what's really going on for those who EARN and are not BORN-INTO .... .....THE ECONOMY IS A MESS!.. .....THIS COUNTRY HAS NEVER RECOVERED FROM THE OIL CRISIS OF OCTOBER 1973..... .....From 1929 to about 1939 we had the Great Depression. From 1939 to 1945 we had WWII and America got rich again. We then controlled over 50% of the worlds wealth. FROM 1945 TO OCTOBER 1973 was the great age of INDUSTRIAL CAPITALISM. This meant that people who were born-into poverty could get a good paying industrial job and rise up without needing any degrees, licenses, certifications, or other elitest crap that fused other societies into separate classes (Feudalism). ...ONE BORN-INTO THE "UNDERCLASS" COULD JOIN THE "WORKING CLASS" AND RISE QUICKLY TO THE "MIDDLE CLASS".....It was this ability to rise that kept America healthy. A poor person KNEW he would automatically rise to middle class and he thus had a stake in America's future..... ....WORKING CLASS JOBS THAT PAID MIDDLE CLASS WAGES WERE WHAT KEPT OUR CITIES SAFE AND CLEAN.. .....Cities were populated with working class people making middle class wages who were paying mortgages on THEIR OWN rowhomes... .......Then came the "Oil Crisis" of Oct. 1973. It broke the back of heavy industry. From that moment on America started to lose its working class industrial jobs.. ......The middle class has now become a hereditary class. A person now born into poverty has no hope. There are virtually no more working class jobs paying middle class wages for him to get or even aspire to. All a person born to poor parents can now do is get a low-paying "service" job. The industrial jobs that used to pay $500 for 40 hours work have now been replaced with 20 hour part time jobs at six bucks an hour. And a person who has to carry two or three of these so-called "jobs' is now counted as being luckily employed three times over. Thus the PHONY employment rate. Back on the 1960s we had a 3% unemployment rate when "EMPLOYED" meant to have a job that paid one months rent in one week. And that was one months rent for a DECENT apartment. Now a ten hour part time job at minimum wage is considered employed. And if you can't find a job and have to join the army to keep from starving you are also listed as employed. If we still went by 1960s standards we'd have over a 50% unemployment rate.. ......But the LYING MEDIA is populated by the new BORN-INTO spoiled middle class (or richer) and only speaks to its own sheltered kind. America is now AWASH IN POVERTY but poor people have no voice. They have to grit their teeth and listen to how well they have it. IF YOU HAVE A NATION WHERE HALF THE HOUSEHOLDS MAKE $80,000 AND THE OTHER HALF MAKE $20,000 YOU CAN CLAIM AN "AVERAGE" OF $50,000.... .......JUST LOOK AT OUR CITIES!...JUST LOOK AT THE CLOSED INDUSTRIES!.. .....JUST LOOK AT THE CRIME!.... ......How can anyone in his right mind say America is even richer than it was in the 1945-1973 period? IT'S ORWELLIAN! THAT PERIOD IS DOWN THE MEMORY HOLE! What we have developed is a THIRD WORLD NATION based upon Feudalism, Nepotism, Inheritance, Born-Intoism, Connections. One in which one cannot rise to the middle-class but has to be born into it to get the degrees, licenses, certifications, connections necessary to have anything.. .....ONE NOW HAS TO HAVE MONEY BEFORE EARNING IT. That is Feudalism!.. .....Our cities are virtually all in poverty. The inherited Middle-Class live in circles around them. And the poverty keeps spreading outwards. I've been in this town since 1964. Ive watched it spread a couple blocks in each direction each year since 1973.. .....When I was growing up one needed nothing to get a decent paying job. You showed up and if you seemed like you'd show up for work you got hired. If you didn't there were lots of other places to try for REAL jobs..... .........When I was growing up in the 1950s candy bars were a nickel, coffee was a dime, comic books were a dime, a NYC subway token was 15 cents, newspapers were 3 or 4 cents...The cities were populated by working class people laboring in factories who were making from lower-middle-class to full-middle class-wages. The majority still couldnt quite afford to buy rowhouses but had nice apartments in clean, safe neighborhoods. I rarely saw a slum house in the 1950s and maybe one block in a medium size city (50,000) had a bad reputation. In the 1960s under JFK candy bars were still 5 cents, coffee still 10 cents, tokens still 15 cents. But it was big news when comic books went up to 12 cents.(They had ALWAYS been 10 cents). Remember these figures when you read the LYING inflation rate ratios (They say it was four to one for any year from 1950-1969 compared to 1998!!! Is a candy bar now 20 cents?)...Coins were still SILVER. A quarter bought so much that people did not melt them down for their silver content. ......The mid 1960s under LBJ were supposedly America's richest period with either 1964 or 1967 usually chosen as the best year.. ....What I recall was that candy was still 5 cents, coffee 10 cents, comix 12 cents, newspapers 4 cents. Until 1965 in NYC and 1968 outside NYC. Then came Vietnam War Inflation. In 1965 LBJ announced that the economy was so good he was getting rid of various taxes including luxury taxes... ......In the mid 1960s the minimum wage was $1.40. Divide 5 cents into that $1.40 and compare it to dividing the price of a candy bar into the minimum wage today... .......In 1969 coffee jumped up to 12 cents. Tokens were 20 cents. Candy bars were 7 cents..... ......The minimum wage was $1.60 (since 1968)............ had a job standing behind a cash register doing virtually nothing for 40 hours a week at $2.00 an hour. My $80.00 a week became $62.50 after withholding. That was a little under a months rent for a decent apartment and in those days it wasnt considered a "real" job. I could have worked in a factory for a teenagers starting wage of $2.50 an hour. That's $100 a week. Divide the above prices into that $100 and you'll see what the average 18 year old untrained new worker could buy. They made much, much more in the 1960s then they do today... .....Yes, we had creeping inflation during the Vietnam War period of 1965-1973 but wages went up even faster so things got better...... .....All through the early 1970s the newsshows kept talking about how Americans, including the working class were now making so much money that they now negotiated not for more money but for more free time to spend it. Industries began to have four day work weeks paying as much for 32 hours that they had been paying for 40 hours. (These all-night news shows, especially ABC, now run old newsclips about this). The constant belief was that an even more Golden Age was coming and it was ever upwards... ......But there were some rumblings. We did have that sudden double-digit inflation in 1971 that scared everyone and caused Nixon to put in price controls and eventually get off the gold standard. But the inflation ended in a couple of months and the wages soon caught up again and passed the prices in 1972..... ........A NOTE AT THIS POINT: Another good was to approximate the REAL inflation rate as opposed to the phony, lying on (The gov't inflates and the gov't tells us the inflation rate. Conflict of interest) is to go to a second hand softcover bookstore and check the prices and dates on the old books of the same size. In front of me right now I have the following softcover books (all about 280 pages): 1959-35 cents, 1966-75cents, 1970-$1.00, 1979-$1.95, 1987-$2.95, 1998-$4.95 (Yet they keep saying almost no inflation between 1987 and 1998) (The 1970 and 1979 books are exactly the same one reprinted. Most of that inflation happened in 73-74). If you can find one for each year the same size you can also see the sudden jumps)..... .Today I bought a cup of coffee in exactly the same diner where I bought them in 1964. Then it was 10 cents. Today it was 90 cents plus 6 cents tax........ ......... ........ .UNDER CONSTRUCTION......... ..If you agree with this, please link it elsewhere.. ... ...........Two years ago I paid 50 cents for a candy bar at my local convenience store. Now Im paying 80 cents. BUT there's NO inflation the in-the-government's pocket media keeps telling us. Thanks to computerized receipts I kept I can see that the things Im now buying in the market at 4 for a dollar were 5 for a dollar last year and 6 for a dollar the year after that . But we have NO inflation they keep saying. Everything goes up and up and everone pretends to not notice.. Are they lying to favor this president or is it a supid way of figuring it that causes thsi? Or both? Perhaps they are averaging in technological gadgets that are always dropping in price (BUT are not necessities and only bought by the rich and born-into middle-class) along with food which keeps increasing and is a NECESSITY. Whichever, its been a nightmare for the poor and working class.... .........HERE ARE SOME REAL RATIOS: 1815-1911: 100 to one. 1920s: 20 to one. 1930s:???? 1940s:????? 1950s-1965: 10 to one. 1966-1973: 7 to one. With this you can see how a man in the 19th century could work for a "dollar a day" and support his whole family on that dollar. And why cowboys went with herds 24 hours a day for a dollar a day.. Because it was actually $100. It's also now obvious why a beer and a sandwich cost five cents and you got a free sandwich with it (remember the reproductions of that sgn that were so popular?). Because five cents equalled five dollars in our money. It's also why only upper middle class people went to the barber for "shave and a haircut, two bits." It was $25, like going to a stylist today. Most people cut their own hair and that of their children.. .....In "The Grapes of Wrath" the Joad family in the 1930s got 25 cents a day for the kids labor and 50 cents for their own. That gives an idea how precious a dollar got in the early thirties. In 1939 it cost 25 cents to see Gone With The Wind. It cost $8.50 when they showed it this past year. That is a 34 to one ratio..... .....Proper ratios also show why America's cities are now ruined shells. In 1969 the mimimum wage was $1.60. I made $2.00 for running a register. I took home $62.50. I worked thru college on a service job that year. Nowadays service jobs pay $6.00 an hour. So how come I could work trough on $2 with no loans and these guys have a tough time working thru on $6 with loans? Because a dollar was actually worth seven times as much in 1969... .....Real jobs? Well, they took one industrial job paying $15 an hour for 40 hours a week for a total of $30,000 a year and cut it up into seven ten-hour jobs at $5 apiece for 50 weeks (Total between all 7 jobs: $30,000). And also no benefits now. ...Gee, I wonder why workers can no longer maintain their once-nice city rowhouses? Gee, I wonder why their kids sell dope.. Unbelievable how many bosses laid off their workers into much lower paying jobs and now complain about people who dont maintain their houses... .....I buy the NY POST to read Pat Buchanan and Phil Mushnik. But I cant believe its INSANE editorial page..Men named Wattenberg and Selzer who got their money from their daddies and pass it on to their kids (Feudalism) tell us how WONDERFUL everything is. Wonderful for the born-into and inherited I guess. I see that Wattenberg's column is also now his son's column. No parasitism there. That's how those people really get their middle-class lives and their nice jobs- they're handed down from generation to generation. Then they preach to everybody else to "earn". Rather like Robert Heinlein saying "There is no such thing as a free lunch" while his whole life was a free lunch (Heinlein was born-into the middle-class, he didnt earn it. Then he went into the military and lived off the taxpayer. Not that Im against the military, but Heinlein always preached against accepting other people's tax money. Of coure Ayn Rand did the same thing. .Despite her constant attacks on any money that wasnt EARNED she got into politics after the Bolsheviks took away the store she intended to INHERIT. She was born middle class in a poverty country. Then a relative in the USA bbrought her over here. Earning? Where? Such people only want to earn AFTER theyve been set up by family.... ......HISTORY OF DEMOCRATS: D>P> not really pro labor from 1865-1928 (except for a little from Wilson, the 'pointy headed liberal college professor, naturally hero of today's spoiled college Liberals).. .. D.P. pro-labor 1928-1968 (1945-73 best era for labor and for anyone who believes in earning rather than just being born-into).,. ...1968-1972: Hippies fight Hardhats for control of DP. Hippies came from same spoiled socio-economic backround as Conservatives. Hippies, with sheltered Bilbo and Gandalf mentality want back to nature. Wish to get rid of American industry. No clue or caring about how important it is to the poor. Hippies get start in life from middle-class parents including college degrees in pre-loan days. (Obviously if one is in college for four years and has over a nine month hair growth it means he gotr his money from home, not working for it in those pre-loan days). Hardhats had risen up out of poverty to middle class via working class industry jobs they didnt dare lose... .....In 1972 Hippies defeat Hardhats. Had family money and media on thier side.(Media also spoiled college grads). Very bad loss for Hardhats as in October 1973 Israeli War Oil Crisis breaks US industrial base. Number of working class jobs paying middle-class wages goes down every year from 1973 until now. (Funny how same people who whine about Clinton being crippled from doing his job saw nothing wrong in crippling Nixon during Vietnam War, Oil Crisis, Israeli War (When US and USSR almost went nuclear). ....Also helped by stupidity of members of my generation in working-class. Unlike their parents who lived in Depression Era and appreciated 1945-1973 prosperous era members of my generation thought good-paying labor jobs something automatically their due and always permanent. (One example of many I knew: When I was running an Engineering Lab in 1980 a 27 year old high school dropout bragged to me that he made $50,000 the previous year (1980 dollars!) and showed me proof. All he did was turn a couple of large nuts on a big hoist that was brought to him now and then with lots of free time in between. Did he thank his lucky stars for such a high paying, easy job while such jobs had been drying up since 1973? No, he rooted against his compnay and rooted for the govt putting as many expensive rules, regulation, fines, etc as possible.. ....In 1974 I also worked for college money at the best paying small industry in York. One jerk, while being well paid to clown around, relesed a toxic chemical into the residential neighborhood that was so bad it destroyed the paint on the parked cars (wonder what it did to houses and lungs). It cost the company a fortune. His only punishment was three days suspension without pay. he went to the union and the company was forced to retract it. You can bet that both companies got tired of this crap and prepared to move away. Which they both did shortly after. It never seemed to occur to any of these guys tha people who owned such companies only had to move outside the jurisdiction of laws that caused them problems and simply ship the products back over the border. ......Even I knew that if a govt was going to drop a million dollars worth of costs on a company it had also set up a million dollar tariff to keep it from moving outside the laws jurisdiction and shipping back over the line... ....Those workers were soon trying to survive on low paying service jobs.. ......And during the late 1970s and 1980s the spoiled Hippie types started inheriting their parents money. Now they had even more money and power to force Liberal ideas on ever-weakening Populist working men. Some went Republican and anti-labor. Others went environmentalist-Democrat and anti-labor. ......It used to be that people who were BORN INTO money became Republicans and people who were NOT BORN INTO money became Democrats. Now BOTH parties were run by the BORN INTO and the not-born-into had nowhere to go....... ...What really used to GALL me was that when these BORN-INTO-THE-MIDDLE-CLASS spoiled "environmentalists" with college degrees in nice office jobs inheriting money would want to close industries to "save the environment" and the workers tried to hold onto their jobs as they had no degrees, licenses, certifications to work anywhere else the Liberal Hippie Environmentalist would call THEM selfish!!!!!! ..... ......Note: If you agree with the above type the code in elsewhere such as message boards and newspaper sites. It's ....JUST STARTED........ UNDER CONSTRUCTION... 10-13 TUES


THE FOLLOWING IS A MILE LONG RANT I MADE ON AN OUT OF STATE MESSAGE PAGE WHICH I THEN COPIED::::I completely agree with (name removed) on the topic of morality and that Clinton has been committing felonies and that the press drove Nixon from office (they were out to get him since the 1940s) but what's with his constant anger about health care? I grew up along the East River docks in New York city. Everyone in my neighborhood worked FAR harder at horribly dangerous dirty jobs than any "born middle class" person EVER does (the majority of my parents' friends and relatives were missing body parts, usually fingers but sometimes eyes and limbs) and NONE of them liked "welfare bums" and thought that everyone should work for EVERYTHING. But that's no longer possible. The factory jobs have all been shipped overseas so that spoiled-brats who were born into money ( and 'stocks' and 'inheritances' and 'trust funds' etc. ) could make even MORE money off the backs of foreign slave labor. Now working class people have no choice but to be reduced to beggers for health care as their jobs were taken away. We now have a nation of non-production. The poor get stuck with "service" jobs. The born-into get to go to college and then they get paid well for sitting in offices and producing NOTHING. This is NOT a Capitalist country: the working class people who believed in Industrial Capitalism Horatio Alger work-hard-and-rise had the TRUE spirit of Capitalism. The Conservatives are FEUDALISTS who have created a hereditary middle-class to which poor people can no lomger rise. AND LOOK AT OUR CITIES! Now all burned out shells. My neighbors all worked in factories and eventually rose to buying rowhouses which they fixed up and kept nice because they OWNED them. (Marx and Lenin were spoiled brats too. What the workingman wants is his own private property) (NOTE: RENT is the Number One expense that keeps the poor poor. Its the biggest expense of the month and it never ends or even goes down. You can pay every month for 30 years and youre no closer to seeing an end to it. Imagine if you bought a tie and had to pay for it forever). Now they have ALL lost their homes due to "downsizing" Such places then get bought by absentee landlords who turn them into slum apartments and put uncivilized people in them. Conservatives tend to thingk that downsizing tens of millions into low pay service jobs won't affect what happens in the cities. (I guess we are all supposed to freeze in the dark reading our Bibles and hoping for a good afterlife). And is it REALLY good for our country to be consumers who don't produce? Is it really good for the work ethic to lay so many people off for GREED? 9What do kids think about 'work' when they see what happens to their parents? Or their parents breaking up when the old man's wage drops from $15 an hour to $6 ?) (Funny how few TV preachers ever admonish their Republican watchers about GREED).(I guess it's okay for a Conservative Christian to be as GREEDY as he wants but its wrong for a worker to just want a living-wage). Is it good to have those factories outside the country?? What would have happened if it was that way in 1941? And whenever these "Globalists" get in trouble they immediately whine for American help. They want taxpayer bailouts via the IMF and young American cannon fodder to save their investments and factories overseas. ( A kid cant find a decent paying factory job so he joins the army to protect the one sent abroad). The "Globalists" sneer at borders and nationalism and patriotism. Theysay they are Internationalist. But who do they ask for help when their interests are threatened? The United States! And its taxpayers. And its teenage boys it kept from finding work. Virtually no businessmen are laissez faire capitalists. They all want government contracts and government aid... Im an Economic Nationalist. American jobs, REAL jobs, should be in America for Americans. Bring back REAL jobs and there wont be any whining for "Free" medical care as that was always part of the labor negotiations. But people who are BORN INTO just love the present system where their "investments" make twice as much and the things they buy cost half as much because the jobs have been taken away from Americans and given to foreigners who work for ten cents and hour and have to prostitute themselves (Many so-called "Christians' seem to love it. Just as they had few complaints when such greedbags turned Cuba into the Brothel of the Carribbean back before Castro- and which caused Castro). Robert Heinlein once said "There is no such thing as a free lunch." Yet Heinlein's own auto-biography shows that his wholw life was a free lunch. First, he had the middle-class handed to him at birth, he did NOT "earn" it. (Note: Being "born-into" is not "earning" although for some reason Conservatives seem to think it is). That was a free lunch. Second, he went into the military and lived off the taxpayer. (They say that the last thing a fish would discover is water and the last thing that people who were born-into the middle-class discover is that they have never worked to "earn" but have always worked to "MAINTAIN" what they did not earn but had handed to them at birth. They also never realize how sheltered and insulated from the real worlde their parents' money has kept them. This is why they adopt screwy philosophies like "conservatism' and "liberalism'. People who actually HAD to go out and start from scratch are always POPULISTS as they know those other two theories dont work in the real world, only in the world of the sheltered and spoiled. In my neighborhood we all started out shovelling coal in coal cellars at the age of nine and were expected to leave home at fourteen. Now we have to listen to SPOILED BRATS lecture us on "How to earn your own way". Whenever some middle-class right winger here starts complaining about anything to do with poor people I always say, "You're right! I didnt take any aid. I shovelled coal at nine and left to seek my fortune at fourteen. How did YOU earn your way up??" And what I ALWAYS here from these guys is, "Uh, well, er...". BECAUSE THEY DIDNT PRACTICE WHAT THEY'RE PREACHING. Thats why they dont know that THEIR ways dont work. They are rotten hypocrite spoiled daddies' boys!! They'd all be on the dole in every way if not for an ACCIDENT OF BIRTH!! I had all sorts of gov't welfare offered me while I worked through high school, college, and grad school. I didnt take it. But these Conservative guys with money are the ones who probably would if they were born poor. Chairman Mao did ONE thing right when he shipped such people out of their offices and into the coal mines and farms for a while. INCIDENTALLY< HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED THAT THE MORE A MAN IS HYSTERICAL ABOUT TAXES, THE LESS OF HIS MONEY HE PROBABLY "EARNED" AND MERELY GOT THROUGH BEING BORN-INTO THE "MIDDLE-CLASS"? When I worked thru college I didnt complain about taxes half as much as the brats who got checks from home. My father worked ten hours a day on a coal truck and was proud to pay his taxes. My 90 pound mother had some sort of job where she had a welder's mask and she didnt whine about taxes and never touched handouts. Conservatives who had their lives GREASED by their daddies and now work in air-conditioned offices are always whining about taxes. I thinkits what the psychiatrists call "PROJECTION". When they complain of "Parasites", they are actually subconsciously speaking of themselves. ..... more to come. ...10-13 wednesday....under construction 10-8-98.... ..... ..... ...... ..... ..... ..... ...... ...... ...... THE HELL WITH THE "MIDDLE CLASS"!!!!!........ For years I have been hearing all this whining about the 'poor' middle class. BUT WHICH MIDDLE CLASS DO THEY MEAN??? ..The Middle Class of 1948, 1958, and 1968? I have all the respect in the world for those guys. Those are the people who grew up during the Great Depression and World War II.. They EARNED their way up into the middle class and have the right to complain about anything they want including welfare bums, and govt progratms and food stamps. Whatever. BUT THOSE PEOPLE ARE NOW ALL RETIRED OR DEAD!!!! The Middle Class of 1978, 1988, and 1998 are just their SPOILED BRAT CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN who never lived thru the Depression or the World War and never "rose" from poverty and never actually EARNED anything. They are only middle class because their parents were middle class. To hell with them. And they have one hell of a lot of nerve to use their parents rhetoric.. Their parents had the right to complain about the things I mentioned, but these creeps don't..... ..... ...... ...... Here's another Irwin M. Selzer bozo spoiled brat column quote from NY POST wed. June 25, 1997. "In the mid 60s a male college graduate made an hourly wage 30% above that of a high school graduate" and that it rose to 50% in 1997. Yes, but he's got it reversed. It is not that the college degree paid more and more. I should know as I worked through college in the 60s and 70s. Its because the wages/salaries have been BOTH falling rapidly since the Oct 73 Oil crisis but the factory jobs got hit much worse as they have been closing and moving away. The college grad have their monied daddies and can get some office jobs, the poor working claas kids cant. College degrees are now worth MUCH LESS than in the 60s but high school degrees are worth MUCH, MUCH LESS. College degrees are worth less due to at least two factors. 1) There are many more of them now, thanks to college loans and greatly lowered standards (supply and demand) and 2) The loss of heavy industry ruined many professions.(I know of a club of 1,000 downsized Scientists and Engineers in this little county alone) . He also mentioned that 14% OF 18-24 year olds went to college in 1950 AND 56% now, and that 40% of high school grads went to college in 1950 AND 66% NOW. Yeah, they have to to find work. So they have to pay for all that college, they are not producing for four more years, and they MIGHT get a job afterwards. But, corrected for the REAL inflation rate, a college grad in 1998 has les income and security than a high school grad in 1950.. ...... ...... ..... thurs 10-22-98 .... 10-9 friday... ..... ... THIS PAGE IS CONTINUED BELOW.... .... THIS PAGE IS CONTINUED BELOW, LOOK FOR BUTTON..... ..... .... .... THIS PAGE IS CONTINUED BELOW , LOOK FOR BUTTON.... .... .... THIS PAGE IS CONTINUED BELOW, LOOK FOR BUTTON..... ..... 10-25-98 MONDAY .UNDER CONSTRUCTION ,,MORE TO COME 9-30-98 .... 10-20-98


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