.......NAZIS? KLAN? .. Just poor whites ... ........... NEW STUFF ADDED CONSTANTLY .. Nov 1998, Dec 98, Jan 99, Feb 99....... ....... .. 10-7-98...... THOSE WHO LEARN NOTHING FROM THE PAST ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT.... ........Mouthing "NEVER AGAIN" means nothing if the people mouthing it are simultaneously repeating the same mistakes that led to it the first time!!!!!..... .............If there was ever a bunch of ridiculous nonsense being taught because it was politically correct it's the total nonsense about what caused the creation of Nazi Germany.. ...Were it anything else people would laugh at the arguments and openly disprove them immediately. But noone dares go against the Official Line for fear of being called Nazis themselves... ....But let's look at how silly the arguments are 1)"Nazi Germany was caused by not winning World War One"....Really? Well, lots of countries have lost wars much worse than Germany didn't win WWI. Why didnt they breed Nazism? And Germany had allies that lost it much worse than Germany did. Why didn't they breed it?..... .....And then there's "Nazism was caused by the economic collapse" Really? Well, much of the world had an economic collapse during the GREAT DEPRESSION? Why didn't they turn Nazi? And there were other collapses in history worse than what happened to Germany. What about them?.....AND THEN THERE'S MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!: "Hitler had a Magic Voice". Now, just imagine how ridiculous that would sound if it were said about any other person.. ..Give me a break. There were speakers equal to or better than Hitler around at all times throughout history.. ...Now, I spent ten years of my life studying Astrophysics so maybe I was taught something that Historians and Political Scientists weren't taught when I was taught that when one is studying a Unique Effect one should look for a Unique Cause. I was also taught and shown that Newton's Laws work for a lot of things other than theoretical Physics. "EVERY ACTION HAS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION"...So now the TWO questions are 1) What was UNIQUE to Germany just before the appearance of Nazism and 2) If Nazism was a "reaction" then what was the "action" that caused it-knowing that it was something that had to previously be the OPPOSITE of Nazism and with the same amount of crazy extremism but in the OPPOSITE direction.. ....Hmmmmm?... ....Answer: Weimar Culture... .....Weimar Culture was anti-German, pro-foreigner, anti-nationalism, pro-Globalism, anti-ethnic loyalty, pro-"diversity-and-multiculturalism", anti-Christian, pro-atheism, anti-morality, pro-amorality, anti-standards, pro-Dadaism, anti-militarism, pro-anti-militarism, anti-classical art, pro-Modern Art, anti-marriage, pro-free love, and so on. Yes, in some things they were probably correct. But in many things they were wrong. And right or wrong the overall culture scared the hell of most Germans and had the tendency to attract weirdoes and perverts from all over the world. ................ .............. .............. ................ .....Before 1914 Germany was a decent country of decent people. Germans went to church. They believed in morality. They opposed pornography, drug use, promiscuity, drunkeness, gambling, vulgarity and all the other things that decent people don't want near their families (especially near their kids). These things existed but they kept a cap on them. They were shameful things to be kept hidden. The majority of people really were basically decent and put a high cost on being caught in immorality.... ......They also had a proud culture with STANDARDS.... .......THEN CAME THE "GREAT WAR" OF 1914-1918..... ......1918 brought chaos! It was the Liberal degenerates chance to rise and take control. All the dirty things that had been repressed could now crawl out from under the rocks due to the social breakdown....... .......The WEIMAR REPUBLIC was a filthy, disgusting thing. The nation's own culture collapsed. A prostrate Germany became the WORLD MAGNET for every immoral person on Earth. People who had no idea what morality was took over the culture.... ......All filth and degeneracy. All anti-moral and anti-Christian. All anti-German. All pro-multiculturalism. All amoral and immoral.. ...~~~~~~~~~~~What caused Nazism?:: The Weimar Culture caused Nazism. Most people don't like degeneracy. An action causes an equal and opposite reaction~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~...... The chaos in Germany following 1918 gave the liberals what they had always wanted: the chance to use an entire major nation for a great liberal experiment. EVERY FREAK AND WEIRDO IN GERMANY COULD RISE UP. Every degenerate on Earth could flood into Germany. They could convert an entire nation into one big San Francisco, Harvard, Wahington Post, Hustler Magaazine, Key West, Mardi Gras, Greenwich Village, Club Med,... ....Border to border immorality, degeneracy. All standards gone. Let it all hang out. Naturally the German people were horrified by all this and terrified for their children. ...But in any country there are TWO types of decent people: Populists and Conservatives. POPULISTS are horrified by degeneracy but have neither the money nor power to do anything about it. CONSERVATIVES are also horrified but as long as the ECONOMY is good (for THEM, as it was in the 1920s) they dont want to make waves. They put their PROFITS before their MORALITY. However, every expanding stock market eventually POPS. AT THAT MOMENT, THE CONSERVATIVES, THEIR ABILITY TO MAKE MORE PROFITS GONE< JOIN WITH THE POPULISTS TO ATTACK THE DEGENERATE LIBERAL CULTURE (The liberal media and liberal school system never mentioned this obvious fact to you, did they?) NEWTON'S THIRD LAW: For each action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Weimar was anti-God, anti-decency, ant-German culture, pro-homosexual, anti-military, pro-jewish, anti-virtue, pro-foreigner, anti-family, anti-morality, anti-marriage, anti-honor, pro-interracialism, So naturally it caused the appearance of a philosophy that was just the opposite. (Note: my relatives, being Slavs, were killed by the German armies in WWII. The degenerate mess in Germany caused the extremism which overflowed and killed people outside Germany's borders. Were there no Weimar there would have been no Nazis and my family members would have lived. As would have the six million Jews.)...... ...... ....Of course, as Liberals have no more conception of what "morality' is than a blind man understands color they still have no idea what got so many Germans so angry. Well, if you steal a decent man's wallet he will hit you. But if you defile his daughter he will murder you in a horrible fashion. Decent Germans were thusly much more upset about the degeneracy than the defeat or Depression...Take my money. Take my surrender. But dont touch my family. then Ill go crazy...... .......... .......As the Nazis were created by something that liberals cant detect (the diff between morality and immorality) theyre now heading down that path again..... ...Ever see "CABARET"? ..Im surprised the Liberals allowed it. Its about two FOREIGNERS attracted to the degeneracy of the Weimar Culture. And it has two Jews: one is rich and spoiled (stereotype) and the other is a sneaky con-artist (another stereotype). And there are two attacks by Nazis- YET only after they were both repeatedly provoked!! It makes the Nazis look less aggressive than they probably were but it does show the Weimar supporters as being as degenerate as they probably were. And the NEW "Cabaret" Broadway play is MUCH MORE GRAPHIC about Weimar Degeneracy. Maybe after a few more Fascist uprisings the liberals will finally "get it".. Here in America we have ben living in a Weimar Culture for decades. Constantly increasing degeneracy with a constantly rising stock market. When that market POPS!!!!!!... ......Now why were the Jews picked on??.. By Hitler and the German people? ....Well, there is that photo in the books of a young schoolboy Hitler with his arms folded and glaring into the lens. He supposedly hated any authority over himself. Then when you read the numerous mainstream biographies about him you notice something interesting when you list the name of everyone who was in a position of power over him: Most of them were Jews! The family doctor. The parents bosses. His commanding officer. Judges at the Art school he tried to get into. Teachers. If you hate bosses and your bosses are Jewish its easy to make the small leap.... ..... ...But why did the German people hate them and why did Hitler equate them with degeneracy? Well, as I said about Gentiles on my "Conservatives? NOT" page, conservatives tend to go into making money while Liberals tend to go into causes. This means that Liberals go much more public with their beliefs than Conservatives. Liberals are all over the American media with their BYLINES everywhere. Conservatives are quietly building up money to give to Conservative candidates. Here in America we see Jewish names all over the media pushing Liberal crap. But the reason we dont see Jewish names pushing decency is because the Conservative Jews didnt go into the media. Decent Jews go into Business, and Medicine and Law, not into Journalism or TV/Radio where they get very public. It was probably the same way in Germany in the degenerate 1920s. The Decent Jews were not "seen" because they werent into the media. But the indecent Jews had their names all over the media. When a hundred indecent Jews are in the public's face all the time and a hundred decent Jews are invisibly in their homes and offices not calling attention to themselves, it gives the impression that "all" Jews are degenerate. .Just imagine how the decent Jews must have felt when they saw that only the Jewish creeps were being published in the paper. What is YOUR ethnic group? How would YOU feel if only the disgusting members of your group showed up in the media to make you look bad? ( What do you think Polish-Americans feel about The Polish Unabomber, the below the belt boxer Golata, or child rapist Polanski?). ..Reference books list important Jews in America.(many you dont realize in Who's Who in American Judaism because of name changes).In these books you notice the FAMOUS ones are mostly the liberal degenerate ones because they are in Tv, movies, newspapers. The decent important ones are in things other than the media. ....There was also an interesting stat in USA Today (which may or may not be correct) that 52% of Prots practice their religion, 51% of catholics do, and only 10% of Jews do. When I grew up in NYC I knew plenty of Jews and in all that time I only knew ONE Liberal degenerate one and the other Jews got on him for that so it always surprised me that I kept seeing Jewish names in the media attached to nutty ultra-left wing things. It was a filtering system where only they were allowed to get published. That one nut is probably an editor today and all the normal ones probably can't even get their letters printed........... ............ ........ .......... ........ ........ ....... .......... ......... ........ And now let's look at THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR of the 1930s:::: What the lying liberal media keeps telling us is that the "Republic" was WONDERFUL in every way and the mean old Fascists, backed by German Stukas fought against it while HEROIC American college students left home and went ther to fight for this wonderful "Republic"... .....Well, the first thing that caught my eye was the American College kids. They were in college?? DURING THE GREAT DEPRESSION!!!???? My father didnt have a nickle for the bus in the 1930s. And they could ALSO afford to travel to Europe!!!!???? And support themselves without having to work eight hours a day over there!!!??? (Their daddies money!) The fact is (as I said in both Liberals?NOT! and Conservatives?NOT! is that LIBERALISM, like Conservatism, is a belief for white who have money. Its a philosophy for spoiled brats with too much time on their hands...POOR whites tend to be POPULISTS who HATE Liberals. The second thing I noticed were the Stukas. FIGHTER PLANES ALONE CANNOT DEFEAT ARMIES!!! When you do some "research" you learn that Francisco Franco was something called a "General" who had "Armies" too. (The liberal media always mentions the Liberal army but never the Populist one ). And Franco's army was BIGGER than those of the "Republic". When confronted with this the liberals will admit it but will say that it simply made their stance more heroic. But where did this "army" come from?? Were they ROBOTS?? No, they were PEOPLE. Spanish people, not rich kid foreigners, who didnt want a bunch of spoiled liberals and spoiled foreigners telling poor people what to do. And note that the army of Franco was the revolutionary army. It wasnt comprised of draftees. They werent forced to fight. ..Thirdly, What is a "Republic"? Great Britain is NOT a republic. Is it bad? REPUBLIC simply means 'without a monarchy'. The Stalinist Soviet Union was a Republic. The 'R' in USSR stood for Republics. Communist China is a Republic. What sort of REPUBLIC did they create in Spain? Who was allowed to vote? Who controlled the media? Did your liberal profs ever ask you THESE questions? Of course not. What did the people who set up the "republic' believe in? Answer: THE WEIMAR REPUBLIC!!! The so-called Spanish Republic was to be the disgusting Weimar Republic all over again. The degenerates who were driven out of Germany went to Spain to work with degenerate Spaniards to re-create it. The Spanish PEOPLE did not want such degeneracy. But unlike Germany which was divided between Protestants, Catholics , and Odinists Spain's decent people belonged to a unified Catholic Church!!!. ....... .......... 10-1-98...... .......UNDER CONSTRUCTION.. ...MORE LATER....... ........ ........ ....... .......... ...... ....... ...... ....UNDER CONSTRUCTION 9-30-98 , small changes 10-29-98,

It seems like every time I pick up the newspapers nowadays the editors are hysterical about some white-trash teenage Nazi or Klansman drawing a Swastika or something like it somewhere. It used to be just considered something a rebellious teenager did when he was 13 but now these ultra-liberal biased editors want us all to believe that this is some sort of big deal and we must all be enraged and want to crush this underclass white kid as otherwise Nazism will rise and conquer us all. Nonsense. Despite all this crap about some racism group rising up from the "grassroots" that is pushed by BOTH Liberal-nuts and Racists alike let us check the facts:...... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... NO RACIST GROUP ATTEMPTING TO RISE FROM THE "GRASSROOTS" HAS EVER BEEN SUCCESSFUL...... ..... ..... ..... The three major ones that were all started at the TOP and worked their way DOWN....Don't believe me? Here are the facts. Check them for yourselves. Your liberal profs are there to convert you not teach you anything....... .......... .................. .THE ORIGINAL KLAN OF 1866:. .......... .......... It was created by a rich, snooty Confederate general named Nathan B. Forrest. he first recruited his Colonels, who recruited their Majors, and so on. When membership was offered to the middle-class they flocked to it because it was their chance to move socially UPWARDS and be in a group previously exclusive to the rich. But when the poor whites, rednecks, white-trash started making their own chapters or when some local chapters let them in it caused Forrest to QUIT. He quit for two reasons: A man of his social status did not associate with underclass people. And the white-trash ones hated Blacks and attacked them. He didnt hate Blacks, he thought they were a necessary part of southern culture who were supposed to be one step below the poor whites. As they were so socially far away from him they were no threat, but they seemed to be to the poor whites who were just barely above them. After Forrest quit, so did his Colonels, and Majors, and so on. In the end the Klan was mostly poor whites who had no capital or influence or power. Not compared to what they had when the rich and powerful belonged..... ....... .................. ..........THE SECOND KLAN OF THE 1920s:... ........... ...... This one was started by Bankers and Mayors. Once again it was started at the top and worked its way down. Naturally the middle class wanted to join a club that was started by the rich and powerful. Maybe they could marry their children upwards. Maybe they could get better jobs. But once again it spread to the underclass whites and the richer ones quit and took their money and power with them. This is why both manifestations followed the same bell-curve. Both spent a few years growing until they reached the underclass. Then the richer ones started leaving and the money, power, and influence went back down.... ........... ........ ............THE GERMAN NAZI PARTY:.. .......... ........ Contrary to popular belief, the Nazi Party was not created by Hitler. It was created by German generals and businessmen and professors before he ever heard of it. He was sent by the government to investigate it and joined it. Once again we see a party starting at the top, first recruiting the rich, and then offering membership to a "country club" party to the middle class. Isn't it interesting how professors NEVER tell you how little Lance Corporal Hitler (a lance corporal is just a first class private in our designation) was suddenly rubbing shoulders with Field Marshall von Hindenburg and Quartermaster General Ludendorff? It's because the generals in the party he JOINED introduced him to them. ......... ......... UNDER CONSTRUCTION ......AN ASIDE HERE: I guess it is just an "accident" that editors do not notice that the MICHIGAN MILITIA appeared right after all those DETROIT AUTO WORKERS lost their good-paying industrial jobs???!!! 10-7-98 .... ..... ..... ...... I think that collective dislike of "minorities" has a great deal to do with what is often called a "skewed statistic" or a "lie of omission". Like the tobacco shop owner who starts to think that everyone smokes because his profession tends to skew the people he meets towards smokers and omits non-smokers. First impressions, mean a lot and, by definition, most of the homosexuals a male knowing lt meets during the first, say, twelve years of his life would naturally be child molestors as the majority of hmoosexuals who are NOT molesters arent interested in showing their sexuality to children. Thus the repulsion many males develop during their first twelve years. How could this bad first impression be counted? Should the majority of homosexuals tip their hats whenever passing a young boy and say, "Please note that I am a homosexual who has no interest in bothering you and you have passed others like me today without realizing it" ?..... .In the case of Blacks the only ones most white people ever hear of are the ones who commit crimes. And the only ones most whites come in conatct with are the ones mugging them. Black teenagers have attempted to mug me MANY times at night but I realized that inside the houses around me are thousands of Blacks who are not interested in mugging me. ...... As for Jews, the national media causes most of that. Just as Big Business attracts the right-wingers so does the National Media attract left-wingers. These media left-wingers love to libel and slander everything Middle-Americans hold dear. And for some reason this nasty dialy barrage is never called "hate". Middle-Americans notice that the left-wingers are both Gentile and Jewish. The Gentile attackers they easily write off as an abberation as they constantly meet fellow Gentiles who are NOT nutty Lefties. But as they dont know many, or any, Jews it gives them the impression that most Jews hate Middle American culture, icons, beliefs, and virtues. (Which is why I read the NY Post as its written by Decent Jews (although spoiled rotten) for Decent people in general) ...... So the only way to combat what liberals call "homophobia, racism, and anti-semitism" (Note: the National Media creates its terms, not Big Business) would be for Straight white Gentiles to meet lots of homoosexuals who are not child molestors, lots of Blacks who dont commit crimes, and lots of Jews who are not liberal-extremists. ..... Perhaps every Political Science Class should teach some "Probability and Statistics". Mon Oct 19, 1998. ..... ..... ...... ...... TWO SCENARIOS: Oct 22, 1998: A black kid grows up in poverty. His parents are poor and his grandparents died in poverty. He knows he hasnt much hope. Money is only for those who are "born into" it, as there are no longer working class jobs that pay middle class wages..... .... A white kid grows up in poverty. His parents are also poor and his grandparents also died in poverty. he knows he hasnt much hope. Money is only for those who were "born into" it as there are no longer working class jobs that pay middle class wages. .... ...... The Underclass black kid has hate in him looking for a direction. He gets involved in spewing his hate in different ways including insulting people and even hurting them. He offends and/or attacks white gentiles and jews. ..... ..... The underclass white kid also has hate in him looking for a direction. He also gets involved in spewing his hate in different ways including offending people and maybe hurting them. he offends blacks and Jews. ..... ..... The newspapers and other media tell us to love and understand what the poor black kid is going through. And they're correct in doing so...... ..... The same newspapers and other media tell us to HATE the poor white kid. They want the book thrown at him. They want him punished as much as possible and forced to grovel to both poor blacks and middle class blacks as well as to poor Jews and middle class Jews...... ....... This is because the media is controlled by spoiled born-into-the-middle-class-white-liberals who refuse to even recognize the existence of "UNDERCLASS WHITES". They just love AVERAGES because they can then average the tens of millions of underclass-whites with the rest of the whites and pretend they don't exist..... ..... They don't call for taking money, jobs, and power from the rich whites and giving them to the poor blacks. No, the laws they pushed through took chances from the poor whites and gave them to the poor blacks...... ...... You never see white-liberals calling for the rezoning of rich neighborhoods to put blacks in nice suburban neighborhoods. No, they want to break poor-white neighborhoods. (Why not Martha's Vineyard, capital of Limosine Liberals?)..... And am I the only one who noticed that with all the white liberal media attacks on "militias", that they never once mentioned that they appeared in proportion to the local factory closings? ( Detroit Auto industry down, Michigan Militia down). LIBERAL: "Black permanent poverty leads to hate and crime". Non-Liberal: "And white permanent poverty leads to hate and crime" Liberal: "There is no such thing as white poverty".... ...... ...... ...... oct 22, 1998 Thursday..... under construction..... Our local papers, of course, will not admit to the existence of poor whites. They keep paying to bring in liberal college spoiled brat eggheads to say there are none as there are no poor white neighborhoods. Oh, really? Mine is still there. And who do they think live in all these broken down rental trailer courts?..... ...... ...... ...... ....... ....... Despite my gripes I was actually, by underclass standards, the 'rich' kid in my neighborhood as I was the ONLY "only child" around. This made it possible for my parents to give me some things. (On the other hand I got attacked much more often than the others as I had no siblings and their friends to back me up. And when I got older I had to single handedly take care of my aging parents. With siblings one can divide work and care duties). Of the couple dozen kids on my block I was the ONLY one who had birthday parties.(Not fancy like middle class ones, but fun just the same), got toys (the others either got none or a bunch had to share a few), got a couple dimes a week for comic books, had parents who had a car (although ten years old and my father had to work on it daily) (We even drove from NYC to Mass. twice, but all three of us had to sleep in the car as we couldnt afford a motel room. I couldnt afford a night in a motel room until I was in my late twenties, until then I just crashed somewhere), didnt always have to change clothes after school (one kid can have three times as many clothes as each of three kids. Every other family had at least 3 kids), ate a burger in a 5&10 with my mother about once a month (with the others it was about twice a year), got a drive outside NYC about once a month (over to east Jersey or Long Island or just north of the Bronx)(We proved our trips by bringing back an empty bottle of ROYAL CROWN cola which was ONLY available OUTSIDE the NYC limits for some reason. If you saw RC you were in "the country"., actually went to FREEDOMLAND (NYCs Disneyland 1960-63), went to a dentist (you can always tell people who were poor by their teeth, teeth dont heal. But I only went a few times.), had a bus pass to take the city bus to school (but I still usually walked the two miles to school with the other kids),and I even had a DOG! (The image of the poor kid with a dog is nonsense unless the kid is an only child. Poor parents who have 3 or more kids cant afford a dog, too). Incidentally it REALLY ticked me off when Carl Sagan said that Isaac Asimov was a true story of Horatio Algerism Isaac admitted that he was FAR richer than the other kids as his father owned a the CANDY STORE and that ALSO made it possible to read all the pulp sci-fi for FREE.). BUT we all live in the same cold houses (a tiny gas heater in the front and one in the rear of each old wooden house divided into small apartments)(apartmentized wooden rowhomes). And we all shovelled coal in cellars (not "basements")...... However we all eventually got lucky in one respect as our fathers applied to be ushers for the NYC sports teams and slowly got to work more and more games after their regular factory jobs (night games REALLY helped poor people job-wise). None of us had EVER been to a ballgame as our parents couldnt afford it but now after all those years of envying RICH Kids (middle class, my butt) who werent even REAL New Yorkers but could come all the way in from the suburbs to see OUR teams yet we couldnt, we could now see games for FREE! And sit in box seats and meet the players in the locker rooms! (incidentally, those rich kids are now sportwriters who complain that the costs are now beyond the means of the middle class. Why dont they ever say how far the costs have ALWAYS been beyond the poor?) (Re:ushers. In the end its almost always 'who your father is' but right wingers wont admit it.) . But at age 14 I was sent to stay a week at MIDDLE CLASS home for the first time in my life. ( I left home two months later - to us, JUNIOR High School is the school we remembers. Spoiled brats are still home during high school) I was amazed at how much wealth they had! Central heating!, Air conditioning!, A color TV (in the mid 60s!!), A nice car!. Kids with lots of money (by our standards).They expected to have DRIVERS LICENSES!! (Most of our PARENTS did not have drivers licenses). At age 16!!!!! SIXTEEN!!!!! Just two years away!! I hoped for one before THIRTY (I got it a few days before I turned 29 )And they expected to own their own cars soon after 16!!!. They didnt think it was SPECIAL to eat in restaurants regularly (much less just in 5&10s). Bottles of soda in their refrigerators. Expensive clothes. Money to go to "skating" rinks (We knew almost nobody who had skates or bikes).And they went to other events that cost money. The teenagers had their own record players, b&w TVs, radios, cameras!!!! They had flown in an AIRPLANE for chrissake!! And one could walk all around their small city without fear of being jumped by other kids. SO I REALLY GET THE SH-TS WHEN I HEAR some born into the middle class white conservative whining about the middle class being "shortchanged" (Hey, you didnt earn it in the first place. And you were and are rich as hell. You're just too spoiled to realize it). And its even worse when some born into the middle class white liberal kid preaches to US about how rich ALL whites are and how WE should give up some things to the blacks (Let the born middle class give it up. Not the underclass whites)...... Born-middle-class conservatives are so spoiled rotten and have no CLUE why poor blacks hate them so much. Maybe its because they keep telling blacks how "shiftless" they are. (what did conservatives do besides get born into it?). Born-middle-class Liberals are so spoiled rotten they have no clue why poor whites hate them so much. Maybe its because they keep telling poor whites how "lucky" they are...... ..... ..... What got the other kids out of my neighborhood was the Vietnam War Draft. Those who survived either stayed in the military or used their veterans benefits to get OUT! Liberals seem to be clueless about how the military gets poor kids out of slum neighborhoods.... ..... . NOTE: While writing this last night (Oct 22,1997) Jay Leno said that when he was in Andover, Mass. High School in 1968 he got in trouble for leaving rubber with his 1965 Buick. He had a license! He had a car ! And the car was only THREE years old!!! WHAT A SPOILED BRAT!!!...... under construction, 10-23-98 friday .....

Now here is the big question: Do we straight white gentiles want to try people twice for the same crime or dont we?? We supported it fo OJ Simpson ("criminal" and "civil") when we believed he killed a white woman.... We supported it for Tim McVeigh ("state" and "federal") whom we believed killed white gentiles..... We supported it for Ted Kaczynski ("state" and "federal") whom we believed killed a white man...... But we dont support it for people who kill Jews, Blacks, and homosexuals. ("criminal" and "hate"). LET'S BE CONSISTENT, SHALL WE???.... One has to watch out for ones precedents and concepts. Anything you support that helps your side will eventually also be used to help the other side. If we straight white gentiles want to make "doubly sure" that we get people who kill 'us' then lets not be surprised when homosexuals, blacks, and jews want to do the same thing...... But speaking of consistency. Whenever the right wing complains of the "smut' in the media the left wingers say," If you dont like it then dont watch it and dont read it. Dont interfere with freedom of speech and press". So why is it that right wingers dont support the right ro distribute flyers for the Klan and Nazis when the media always tries to get them banned by saying, "If you dont like them then dont read them but dont interfere with freedom of the press".... Incidentally, the moment I saw the makeup of the OJ jury I told people he would get off. It had NO white males on it and only one white female who would be intimidated against 'hanging' it. But it REALLY cost black people in the end. When white America was up in arms the Republicans quicly did something they had no chance of doing for decades: they got rid of both Affirmative Action and Welfare. Without OJ they had NO chance of doing that. (Im sure lots of whites got away with killing blacks since 1776).10-23-98 Friday.....under construction. .10-29-98 thursday. .... .... .... ..... How come no one ever says that the political differences of the various groups has a lot to do with them not associating with one another? After all, if a conservative white wont associate with a liberal white, then why would he associate with a liberal black?..... Hera are my opinions about the distribution of politics in the various groups: WHITE GENTILES: ultra-right=wing-nuts: 6%, far-rightwingers: 11%, regular right-wingers:21%, middle of the roaders: 30%, regular left-wingers: 19%, far-left-wingers 9%, ultra-left-wing-nuts: 4%, AMERICAN JEWS: ultra right wing nuts: virtually 0%, far right wingers: 5%, regular right wingers 10%, middle of the roaders: 20%, regular left wingers: 30%, far left wingers 20%, ultra left wing nuts 15%, BLACKS: ultra right wing nuts: virtually zero, far right wingers: 1%, regular right wingers : 5%, middle of the roaders: 12%, regular left wingers: 25%, far left wingers: 35%, ultra left wing nuts: 22%, HISPANICS: ultra right wing nuts: 1%, far right wingers: 3%, regular right wingers: 7% (mostly Cubans), middle of the roaders: 16%, regular left wingers: 27%, far left wingers: 28%, ultra left wing nuts:18%. The American Media tends to follow the same curve as the Hispanics (Mainly because, as I said, conservatives mostly abandoned it)...... ...... ..... ..... ...... ..... NY POST front page Sunday Oct.25,1998.: "EXCLUSIVE: BILL'S DOUBLE-CROSS". What does the Post mean by a "double cross"? Well, Clinton refused to double cross the USA for Israel. During the Israeli-Palestinian talks Israel wanted the US to release Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. THE GALL: Why should the US give anything to either party? We arent one of the participants. Then this ame paper says that it's anti-semitic to even think that there are Jews who are just Israelis in our midst! And they wonder where anti-semitism comes from (look in the mirror). And they hate people who speak of "dual-loyalty". Well, what does one get when, for example, Pollard, an American citizen, is given Israeli citizenship by Israel when he's in jail? How does one avoid dual loyalty when one has dual citizenship? ..My opinion is that all nations spy on each other including allies. And that Israel and the US have spies in each others countries. And that an allies spy shouldnt be punished as badly as an enemy spy. And that Pollard should be released soon (unless he knows something extremely sensitive that America's enemies could torture out of him after grabbing him if he's released). But it's crap like this that causes anti-semitism in the first place. He was an AMERICAN CITIZEN spying on his OWN country which was still a traitorous thing to do. IMAGINE IF A GENTILE AMERICAN SPIED FOR HIS ANCESTRAL COUNTRY. Once this calms dont, they can, if possible, release him BUT HE SHOULD LOSE HIS AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP. He's had 13 years in near-solitary confinement. The Israeli PM complained of the anti-semitism in jai- weel, Pollard confirmed to them what they had believed about Jews so it's his own fault. .. But I still like the NY Post because only a Jewish newspaper in our politically correct nation can disagree with blacks, homosexuals and other sacred cows.... But when will Jewish people learn that 1)Jews with MORE money can NOT claim to be Underdogs to a gentile with LESS money without causing anti-semitism? 2) Jews can NOT take the side of israel against the United States without causing anti-semitism. 3) Jews can NOT support Liberal Jews who constantly SLANDER gentile religion, history, culture, morality, traditions without causing anti-semitism. 4) Jews can NOT support making pro-Jewish programs MANDATORY for gentiles' children without causing anti-semitism. 5) jews can NOT just suddenly STEAL a word like "Holocaust' all for themselves and then claim that they do NOT have HUGE influence over the media without causing anti-semitism. (It also implies that THEIR deaths are THE Holocaust and not that of others) (NOTE: THE HOLOCAUST took place around 1347 when one third the world died).....NINE TIMES OUT OF TEN WHEN SOMEONE COMPLAINS ABOUT A SITUATION IT IS USUALLY HIS OWN FAULT. Like the Conservatives who complain about big government yet get all their money via being born-into it and inheriting it and not seeing how that causes the reaction of the not-born-into to go to government for help to catch up..... under construction.... not proofread..... OCTOBER 29, 1998 11:03am. ..... .... .constantly adding to this.. 11-15-98 Friday; DESPITE THE CONSTANT MEDIA LIES THAT DNA DID NOT PROVE THAT THOMAS JEFFERSON HAD SEX WITH HIS SLAVE. My personal opinion is that I would not doubt that many of the signers of both the Declaration and the Constitution probably had sex with their slaves but it can NOT be proven by taking the DNA of the black families now living and comparing them with the DNA of the Founding Father families now living. All that proves is that SOMEONE from the family did it. If you want to prove that, say, THOMAS JEFFERSON SPECIFICALLY did it then you must get HIS DNA, not his brothers or sons or distant ancestor's. All we now know is that someone from Jeffersons family mated with someone from the black family. It could have bben one of Jefferson's randy cousins or nephews or anyone along the line they were testing. 11-15-98 .... ....11-23-98 I was watching PBS on, I believe Sat. 11-21-98 and there was a show called "Hitler and the Occult"(?). The 'experts' (all spoiled brats who dont have a clue because their fathers' money insulated them from the very things one has to experience to understand why poor people go fascist) were Geirge Mosse of the University of Wisconsin- Madison (ultra liberal college, ultra liberal town), Ken Anderson, author 'Hitler and the Occult", D.Sklar, author "The Nazis and the Occult". Few notes I scrawled ; Oct 1907, moved to Vienna, failed entrance exam (no mention about if board had jews on it), Lived on watercolors and inheritance (glad they mentioned he was an INHERITOR, but much more should have been said, however being inheritors themselves they dont see or wont tell how important this was), Ostarer Pamphlets of German Mysticism popular, 1913 moved from Austria to Germany. Didnt start Nazi Party (glad they mentioned it but they skipped how it was started by inherited rich), Wrote Mein Kampf 1925, Munich Town Hall Putsch Nov 23 year? (its always mentioned that they 'ran'. Well, were I in a crowd with no weapons and a line of men with rifles hiding behind barricades started shooting at me Id run, too. Its the guys behind barricades with guns shooting at walking unarmed men who are the cowards, not the other way around), Brownshirts loyal to Nazi Party, Blackshirts loyal to Hitler (yes, but their was a lot more to it than that, he made his own counterrevolution), March 1927 allowed to return to public speaking (and they found some jerk to push the magic voice nonsens. This was a Jewish guy who said even he was swept along), "Economic chaos, victimized and abused" (good they said it but that wasnt half of it. The Weimar Culture's war on decent German culture was more imporatnt, but as liberals have no idea of the existence of 'morality' they cant see it as of any importance in an uprising)( tens of millions of downsized Americans are in 'economic chaos, victimized and abused' right now in 1998), Jan 1933 Chancellorship (didnt mention that the price was to use his black counterrevolutionaries to get rid of his brown revolutionaries). Of course Mosse and Anderson and Sklar, liberals on liberal PBS just repeated the same old crap about what caused Nazi Germany. Nothing about the average German's hatred for Weimar Culture or Newton's Law of action/reaction. Or the vast power that Jews had over Hitlers life when he was growing up and how hatred of authority can easily pass to hatred of Jews when most of the authority over you was by jews. Never again? Not unless they study what REALLY caused the mess and STOP doing the exact same things now (since 1964) that they did in Germany (1919-1933) ..11-23-98.. Ever notice how many REVOLUTIONS are followed quickly by counter-revolutions?? AMERICA: 1776 Jeffersonians overthrown by 1787 FEDERALISTS who hated the Jeffersonians. FRANCE: 1789 REVOLUTIONARIES overthrown by NAPOLEONics. RUSSIA: 1919 KERENSKYITES overthrown by Leninists. Hitler was the only smart one. He overthrew his own Revolution. The people who put him in between 1920 and 1933 were his Brownshirts run by Roehm. He then KILLED them with his own Blackshirts during The Night Of The Long Knives. He knew the cardinal rule which is THE FIRST THING TO DO AFTER YOU WIN A REVOLUTION IS GET RID OF THE REVOLUTIONARIES. This is because they are designed to overthrow governments, not run them. And they are of no use in running yours and are always a danger of overthrowing it if you dont keep rewarding them for winning. Roamn emperors always had such problems with their Pretorian Guards.

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