Why does the media promote endless articles about what bad men do to women but never what bad women do to nice guys? Many nice guys go through life in misery due to what such women pulled on them. Some have nervous breakdowns. Some attempt suicide--and some succeed. I've known guys in all these categories. Yet even the feminists refuse to admit that there are many women with stronger psyches than men.......A bad woman can ruin a nice guy, stab him in the back and drive him to suicide. But if, with his last breath, he slaps her face for what she caused, he would be the villain as one can see the welt on her cheek but even the coroner could not see the fatal sucking-emotional wound she inflicted upon him.......Date rape? Woman beating? Many women prefer OBVIOUS violent greaseballs over nice guys who would never think of touching them without their permission. There are plenty of guys much more in need of affection than sex but young women dont want them, they want the ex-cons. Thuggishness is "masculine".. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL---JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL---JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL-- JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL ---- JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL -------JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL---JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL.....Junior high is when nice guys first notice that aggression is what gets girlfriends. Never mind that aggressive guys tend to be the nasty ones without feelings, driven by lust, who only want to use the girls bodies and unaggressive guys tend to be the nice ones but don't have the heartless brazeness necessary to compete..It's thought "cute" that young girls have a new boyfriend every couple of weeks. Not if you were one of them it wasnt. Its when you first learn, the hard way, of the pinwheel of female emotions. Its when you learn distrust. Many a guy who will say anything to get a woman and have no feelings for her pain learned it from a girl who did it to him when she had a crush on him, used him, and dumped him when he was very young, innocent and decent. Junior high is where you learn that men are not supposed to have any sexual self-respect. Any awful girl can move on you and you'd better not reject her or she'll tell everyone you're gay or immature or shy. Men are "supposed" to be promiscuous. Young girls are the first to ridicule modest men yet males who respect their own bodies will respect those of women as well. Its also where you first meet the "touchy feely" types who dont realize theyre sending the wrong signals to rotten men while offending decent men. (or maybe they do!).....Late Junior high is where you first learn that a woman can suduce you when you originally had no interest, suddenly dump you in the way best timed to derange you (i.e. during finals, when your dog dies, or better still, a parent) with absolutely NO guilt whatsoever, have the audacity to return ten days or ten years later, and say, with an absolutely straight face, "Why have you gotten so distant?". As if males have neither feelings or memories! (Even the worst rat who dumps a girl doesnt expect her to be friendly afterwards, yet girls expect it!).....It's also when you notice that, although girls always complain about guys who "only care about sex", THOSE ARE THE JERKS THEY'RE ALWAYS WITH!!!. They DON'T want the nice guys who would not think of touching the girl on the first date. Actually, Ive often been tempted to ask, "What else you got?" considering so many girls will spend every spare hour on their appearance and no hours developing their minds, talents, and abilities. Develop only appearance; attract only shallow men. ... .. HIGH SCOOL---- HIGH SCHOOL---- HIGH SCHOOL---- HIGH SCHOOL---- HIGH SCHOOL----- HIGH SCHOOL----- HIGH SCHOOL----- HIGH SCHOOL----- HIGH SCHOOL----- HIGH SCHOOL------ .. ... High school is where men fully learn how many women have their heads on backwards. You notice how they treat nice guys rottenly and rotten guys nicely. Kindness is taken as weakness. Decency is taken as shyness. So they slobber over rats who are either dopers, alcoholics, woman beaters, cheaters, ex-cons, or sex fiends. Rotten men tease nice guys about how they get the rotten guys leftovers. The males of my generation related to the Dr Zhivago scene wher the gentle idealist who is saving himself for marriage becomes an embittered, hardened commissar after learning his "sweet" girlfriend was secretly copulating with a sleazebag..... .... ..... You learn that the most aggressive guys get the girls.. How is it possible for them to be so aggressive?? They arent slowed down by decency, morality, or consideration of other people's feelings. But nice guys are. So they're crippled at the starting gate...... .... .... It is where you are confronted by the most diabolical thing ever invented by woman: the "friend". Many nice guys are patted on their heads and proclaimed "friends"...This means you get all the bad things of knowing such women with non of the good ones. Youll fix her car, balance her checkbook, repair her appliances--- while she borrows your car to secretly take out her REAL boyfriend who mistreats her..And then she will have the nerve to expect YOU to feel sorry for HER!!!..... .... .... ..... Many women divide men into categories, such as lover, potential lover, close friend, friend, and acquaintance. Fine! But what is bad is that they think that they can promote or demote suddenly at will ANd the man will obey without question or complaint. As if, say, a former lover will accept being demoted to a 'friend' watching her with her new lover. Equally bad is the woman who has been a friend so long he thinks of her as a sister. A total breach of trust yet she will think him a cad if he politely rejects her. (Many women form a brither/sister relationship, deliberately remove every bit of mystique, and suddenly, after months or years, get interested. as if men have on/off switches (And ladies, if you lose interest in a man, GET RID OF HIM. Dont try to keep him on as someone you can USE in the future as a 'friend'. YOU CANNOT DEMOTE A MAN, YOU CAN ONLT GET RID OF HIM and get out of his way so he can find someone else...... ..... .... ..... ..... .... Out of self respect many men demand two categories: lover or GONE. Ladies: If you lose interest in a nice guy, GO AWAY!. Dont think that just because he didnt hit you it means he wasnt upset.(This writer is STILL plagued by females who left him when LBJ was president!). To most men any woman with whom they even so much as just made out with will always be a sort of ex-girlfriend and never anything else.... .... .... .... Most young women also blindly follow any moronic fad. If purple pantaloons are "in" this semester males who mindlessly obey the herd and wear them will be popular with the girls. Those with minds of their own wont be. (in my day it was cordovan penny-loafers, burgundy socks, paisley shirts, and Barracuda jackets...... ...... ... Its where you learn that if a girl sends her friend to tell you that she has a crush on you YOU'RE supposed to ask HER out and pay for everything-- or you're a cad. (A woman can have many boyfriends at little expense but a mans girlfriends are limited by his wallet, or ,rather his father's wallet). .... .... ... High school is where one learned that a gentleman is not someone who doesnt put the make on a girl at the drive in as to do nothing was to reject her. Rather, you must read her mind to learn at what time and rate to do something-- in order to give her, not you, the option to accept or reject. And if you are one minute early she'll tell everybody how forward you were but if youre one minute late she'll tell everybody how shy you were--which is even worse for a guys reputation (nice guys are usually late)... ... .... .... And then begins the glorified prostitution. If your daddy can buy you a nice car, youve got the girls. Then they wonder why they arent treated with respect. Whores dont deserve repect. ("Meet my wife. She's not much but she's the best I could do with the car I had") You learn that both quantity and quality of girlfriends are proportional to the size of the bulge in your pants-- your wallet. As teenagers are paid minimum wage it all comes down to whoever has the richest daddy to buy him his women.... ... ..... Smart nice guys learn to act cool, distant and indifferent to attract women. If you cant act thuggish, at least pretend you forgot her name and dont care about her one way or the other (even though you actually like her so much you remember everything about her and would love to do nice things for her).... ..... .... .... At the five year reunion the girls who snubbed nice guys for rats and jerks would now all be divorced and telling them how mistaken they were. Especially to the college grads ( back when A.B.s were important) I always wrote a girl off forever the moment she married-- saved future problems..... .... At the ten year reunion they're desperste for fathers for their ex-rats' kids. Marry them and you also get to associate with the rat forever. (Note: I first typed this in 1993. Now Pamela Lee Anderson said the same thing about how anyone who marries her in the future will be stuck with her tattooed violent jerk as well because of the kid)..... .... ....... ... At the twenty year reunion they push their phone numbers at nice guys as they need suckers to put their rats brats through college. And the beauties who whorishly traded their looks for a rich husbands money began to show up: divorced. Seems her beauty faded but his money didn't. Nice guys get the leftovers of rats and the throwaways of rich kids... ....COLLEGE ----COLLEGE ----COLLEGE----- COLLEGE----- COLLEGE ----- COLLEGE---- COLLEGE-- ---COLLEGE----- COLLEGE----- COLLEGE- ---COLLEGE---- COLLEGE----.... .... AT COLLEGE one learns to hit the ground running in September when you have the most money. (money,money,money). Spend and gather as many as you can so you can run on momentum as the cash gets tighter. Drop $100 on a first date and she's nailed down the rest of the semester (Direct cash transfer is 'prostitution', indirect cash transfer {dining, show, dancing, candy, flowers, fancy vehicle ride} is 'romance' ). Poor guys learn they can't compete thanks to the greed of many females.... .... ....... ..... The glorified prostitution worsens as now you're competing against guys whose daddies own law firms and medical centers. I was sandweiched in a dorm between two nice guy rich kids who HID their money because they wanted girlfriends who liked them for themselves, not their daddies' money. They never found them. But they were nice enough to lend their fancy cars to those of us who knew better... .... .... ... College is where you learn that girls can (under construction) .... ...... ..... monday 11-16-98 (much more to come).... ... ... 10-15 thursday(under construction) 10-9..... ..... .... ..10-9 fri.. 10-7 .... 10-2-98.........UNDER CONSTRUCTION 9-30-98. about 10% done.

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