...YORK,PA??? NOT!!!.... ...... .... 10-7-98 ... CONTENTS:..... KRAUTS.....EARLY 60s MARXIST DAILY......RACE RIOTS.....ARCHIE ANDREW's RIVERDALE.....WEALTH TO POVERTY.....LOSING THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION.......CIGAR CAPITAL.....HIGHWAYS RUIN.....WORLD WAR TWO.....NORTHERNMOST SOUTHERN CITY.....ALL-WHITE MALE CLUBS.....DIVERSITY.....MUSCLETOWN USA....JOA NEWSPAPER MONOPOLY......STOP CONFEDERATES......Here is the true history of York,Pa: York was a Kraut town ("penna dutch") from before 1741 when it became incorportaed until the 1970s......Believe it or not but this really was the CAPITAL OF THE UNITED STATES for a while. The fact has been hidden because it was "a while" we dont want to talk about. It happened when we were losing the Revolutionary war and the British were winning all the important battles and occupying all the major cities and chasing the Continental Congress out of whereever they went and had routed Washington's army. He suggested they run and hide west of the Susquehanna River as he couldnt protect them. The same Susquehanna that blocked the British from coming west later blocked the Confederates from going north. The river carries more water than any other one east of the Mississippi, including the Ohio........York has always been the northernmost southern city. It is a satellite of BALTIMORE. The river goes to Baltimore, the climate is about the same (It gets colder quickly when one goes north or east due to most of the state being much higher in the mountains. This area voted against Lincoln twice. York's main industry for decades was cigars. Much of the cigar age of 1865-1914 came from York. The tobacco was another link with the south. Yet this was the terminus of the underground railroad as the first city noth of the Mason dixon line. But people here have always been very segregationist. The many working class neighborhood clubs are still all segregated. And until the mid or late 1980s the Democratic Party here was still very SOUTHERN Democrat. In the 1930s york sent the weightlifters to the 1932 and 1936 "Hitler" Olympics as York Barbell was here. In the 1940s York was responsible for the "York Plan". for heavy industry for the war effort that the rest of the nation copied. So in the 1950s and 60s York was a VERY prosperous industrial town. In 1966 the Time-Life series of books on America chose York,Pa as the example of America's prosperity. In the 60s York was as wealthy and gentle as Archie Andrew's Riverdale and its teenagers reflected it. York was mostly German-American. I never saw a black or Hispanic person in downtown York when I first came ere and then only saw a few in high school. I was told years later by one that blacks never came into downtown York. Back then York was probably 90% or more German and maybe 5% or more other whites......The city was perfectly safe. People walked anywhere they wanted at night and left fragile things out anywhere at night. Nothing was stolen or vandalized. The stores downtown all had back doors to go between them via the alleys and there wasnt any shoplifting. After 10 pm it was perfectly quiet. Unbelievably quiet at night. I didnt even hear one firecracker on July 4th. Good paying industrial jobs were plentiful. The microfilms show how the Help Wanted pages had huge ads begging for people to work for high wages, great benefits and with no training necessary...In summer 1964 the news came out that York was going to get a new US 30 Interstate in 1969 and it was welcomed as great news (Watch for what you ask for, you might get it). But some people were worried because the I-83 from Baltimore as thought to have brought some problems up from Baltimore.....If there was a dilapidated bldg in York I never saw it. But the Gazette and Daily did. It was a leftwing paper that was proud of its award from Moscow and whenever it did find one it turned it into a story and made news about it....But I came here from NYC and I never saw a Utopia like this was compared to what I was used to. Then in the SUMMER OF 1969 it all died at once. Suddenly there were race riots and the National Guard came in and the bridges were barricaded and we had a 7pm curfew inforced by a halftrack patrolling the streets. the sun is still up in summer at 7pm. It started when some black kid who came home late lied and said some white kids grabbed him. So black kids went out looking for white ones. People then INSTANTLY stopped going downtown although it had been a tradition for centuries. There were two shopping centers and they went to them instead. The next month the North Mall opened, then the US 30 bypass, then the York Mall. And that was the end of downtown York. Now noone went there unless they had to and they got out as quickly as possible. From summer 1969 to October 1973 Downtown York was weird. I still went there every day I was in York and it was still all nice and well kept. But devoid of people other than those who worked in offices there. At 5pm they all ran. The stores still stayed open until 9pm on Wednesdays and Fridays like they used to but it was strange to be one of the few in them when they used to be crowded at night.. ..... ...UNDER CONSTRUCTION. I WILL USE THIS PAGE TO TELL THE HISTORY OF YORK AND WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON HERE

If you like this site its code is so you can send it to others or post it...... ..... ..... ..... .... NEWS FLASH: After writing the above it came out in the paper that a new courthouse will be built. And where will it be built? Well, by sheer coincidence it is supposed to be built right on the property that the main guy who donates to the local politicians recently picked up for a song and now wants $500,000+ for. Even the local paper mentioned HIS NAME and questioned what was going on. After all these years (since 19810 that Ive been pounding on this a new editor showed some backbone..... ..... .... LATEST BIRDBRAIN IDEA::: Starting yesterday Monday Nov 23, 1998 they made the main north-south street of York two-way. It had been one way for over 40 years, from north (Harrisburg) to south (Baltimore). Now since 1969 everyone travelling south on George Street at night always carefully drove in the middle lane. Why? Because it is a VERY dangerous neighborhood with traffic lights (for some crazy reason, the streets one has to stop at are all small until Cottage Place). There are gangs at night on these corners who pull open people's car doors when they have to stop at night at these stupid lights. It happened to my father. It happened to me twice. It happened to a number of people I know. One is only safe in the middle lane. Also the kids are always running out into the street at night as are drunken and drugged up jerks. God help you if you hit any of them and have to stop; you'll be torn to pieces. So, naturally, our Mayor, who has ALWAYS lived in the same house on the West York borough line since he was born, has TAKEN AWAY THE MIDDLE LANE which gave one a chance to swerve if someone darted out between cars and to see someone coming if one was stopped at a light in the bad neighborhood. I have crossed South George Street farther south, a few blocks south of the danger zone, since 1965 where it has always been two way and its very difficult to cross down there. Now the same difficulty will arise along the rest of the street. The two people who made the decision NEVER cross George down in the two-way area and NEVER drive through it at night. They also forget that when the street was two way back FIFTY years ago the people werent as dangerous, the drivers werent as rude, there was no 'right on red'. South George was upper middle class and upper class leading to the Country Club that used to be there and to the York Hospital and the doctors' homes. And never once were pedestrians mentioned in all the debates except by me..................

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