..........WHO OWNS YOUR TOWN???. ..... ... ..... .......... .... .... .... ... .... ..... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... 10-7-98... How do you find out? Why does your local gov't REALLY do the things it does that seem crazy? How do you learn the answer ON YOUR OWN?........(CHECK LINKS ON BOTTOM)....... Everything that you have been led to believe about your town is a red herring. One sees letters to the editor all the time arguing the pros and cons of every proposed project. They are all based on logic and reason. But logic and reason have nothing to do with it. WHY does the new interstate really zig zag the way it does? Why was that bike path really built? Why was that ordinance really passed? Why are thos parking garages where they are? Why was that preservation trust really made? ......It actually has NOTHING to do with all the arguments you see in the papers. ITS ALL REALLY TRADES OF MONEY FOR POWER. Do you want to run for office? You need money and support. There are only two parties. Both are controlled by the same monied families who have dollars AND the right connections. To rise you must get their support. They give you the money and pass word to the other important people to support you. When you get elected you award their companies government contracts and see that things are donr their way. No, not every little thing. Just the things that concern them. They dont care about the reat. Bit they choose what concerns them, not you......SO WHAT DO YOU DO? HOW DO YOU FIND OUT? That's easy. Doing something about it is hard. FIRST, You go to the BOARD OF ELECTIONS and check each candidates donators. Its a public document. Youll first notice that some names are on BOTH candidates lists. Money to both sides. Who ever wins, the donators always win. Thats a major clue as to who is really in charge. The same names come up on virtually every list for every political candidate on both parties. BUT they can only give the legal maximum. So youll see how they donated under their relatives names and their employee names. How do you know if they are just using employee names to get around the maximum rule? Many cities have CITY DIRECTORIES in their libraries and govt bldgs that list every residents place of employment (COUNTY DIRECTORIES too)...SECONDLY, Go to the PROTHONOTARY OFFICE and learn how to use it. Check the FICTITIOUS NAMES catalogues. When bigshots want a govt projects money to go to them they can create a fictitious name company for as short a time they want to hide their real names behind but they must register. So if the guys who own your politicians are named Smith, Jones, and Johnson you might see that the parking garage was made by the SJJ Company or something less obvious. NOTE that newspaper will mention these phony front names but NEVER tell you who is behind them. They fear for their advertising. And if youre wondering why the govt bldg or project is where it is, look at the area. Youll see that the guys already own something near it that it will benefit. For example, they might have purchased a hotel that doesnt have enough parking so they want the taxpayer to give them a garage. .ALSO GO into the "Recorder of Deeds" office and the "Map Room" and learn how to use them. then youll know who owns what where.....After a while youll see things coming so you can warn people. And you can teach people how to do it, by mail if not in person. ....Whats interesting is that this goes on in every county in America. And the media never mentions it. And its all totally logical. Just trade of money for power. Unfortunately, when one mentions this one will hear of "conspiracy theories". But no one meets in dark cellars to do mystical things. Its simple corruption....It goes on at city, county, state, regional, national and international levels. If a Mayor can owe a millionaire then a President can owe a billionaire. Historical Societies are made and controlled by the richest people so they can controll others land. A few years ago I warned a bunch of young environmenatlists here that they had better hurry with there farmland trust or the three richest families here would hear of it and quicly jump ahead with their own and I even told them who woulf create it and who they would set up to run it. And later they came to me to tell ma I was right and they were beaten to it. And many times youll learn that the "noble" local millionaire that the papers praise for giving money locally is only kicking back some of the govt money his puppets awared him. What he takes is done quietly, what he gives is publicized loudly. And some local old buildings that had millions put into them for restoration youll learn are not owned by the public but only lent and are secretly owned by the rich families who used tax money to fix their property. This type of thing is done with playhouses and theatres. And the highway zig zags because they wanted to sell some of their land to the state whil making sure the highway also had an off ramp near their property they wanted to develop. This is all visible when you start going to the courthouse and look up everything you read about in the papers. Why do you suddenly hear that the courthouse itself which was plenty big enough for decades suddenly needs to expand into the local abandoned five and tens or deserted old department stores? It has nothing to do with needing expansion. It has everything to do with the fact that the county commissioners are repaying their political donations and the local papers pushing the idea need advertising. Its just to put your money in rich families' pockets. Check the deeds! Follow the money!!Why does a Mayor suddenly need a special assistant? Perhaps its because the guy hes chosen is an employee of his main donator. Ive seen all these things over the years. Public outcries usually stop such things but you have to move fast with your information.. Make sure you know who is on the board of everything in your area. Its usually the same guys. Get that info by asking at your LIBRARY. I used to think Bank Chairmen were powerful until the biggest one here told me to my face that the guy I was finding behind everything was also the guy he had to go hat in hand to for the job many years before. And why is that street being paved again when it seemed to have been done recently? Well, the bigshots wife or relative may own a company on that block and the company doing it may be related to him to...Once you start getting all this info at the Courthouse things in the paper will jump right out at you and youll know what is really going on and whos behind it and other people's arguments will seem foolish. You say that the local college is driving the local permanent residents nuts and the city wont do anything about it? Check the board of the college. Check who donated to get the mayor and councilmen in. Same names? They want those college loans from those kids. They dont care if they destroy your neighborhood. Who has the cable monopoly? Who has the local internet company? Who has the radio station? Who gets the trash contracts?. Why do they keep bringing in outsiders to run things? Perhaps because a local person wont hurt his own people? Perhaps because the outsider is an old college bud of the donators?.It has little to do with "most qualified" as they always lie. Or else living in a city for 30 years would be a qualification. Why did some guy receive a big govt check to renovate the local old railroad station and move his business into it? Check the donators. Check who owns land in the area.......If you like this site please type the code in on message boards or at newspaper sites. It's http://members.tripod.com/~notttt/index-2.html ..........UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

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