"OUR CHRISTIAN DISPOSSESSION".... This was the title given to a Pat Buchanan column by the NY POST, saturday nov.28,1998.... I had already sent my webpage code to both Pat and his assistant a while back. I like to think I helped influence this column with my page on WHITE ETHNICS and how they should demand QUOTAS!!!.... Here's PAT: .."Buried in the editorial page of the Nov 16 Wall Street Journal was a remarkable essay, which exposes the true, and hidden, story of who is really "UNDERREPRESENTED" in our elite schools, and who are the REAL victims of ETHNIC BIGOTRY in America. (paragraph). The author is Ron Unz, a Harvardian 20 years ago, now a California political activist and entrepreneur, who led the successful state initiative to abolish bilingual education. (par). According to Unz, today at Harvard College, Hispanic and black enrollment has reached 7 percent and 8 percent, respectively, slightly less than the 10 percent and 12 percent of the US population that is Hispanic and black. This has been a cause of protests at Harvard, as Hispanics and African-Americans insist on more proportional representation. (par). But Unz does not stop there. He goes on to report that nearly 20 percent of the Harvard College student body is Asian-American, and 25 percent to 33 percent is Jewish, though Asian-Americans make up only 3 percent of the US population and Jewish-Americans even less than 3 percent. Thus, 50% of Harvard's student body is drawn from about 5 percent of the U.S. population! (par). When one adds foreign students, students from our tiny WASP elite and children of graduates, what emerges is a Harvard student body where non-Jewish whites- 75 percent of the U.S. population - get just 25 percent of the slots. TALK ABOUT UNDERREPRESENTATION! Now we know who REALLY gets the shaft at Harvard- white Christians.(par)..... under construction _____ 12-1-98, 2-1-99